Saturday, July 11, 2009


This has to be one of the best rides I have ever done.  You would never guess that you arrive here after only 40 minute of bike riding  outside of the San Diego.  San Diego and Jamul are connected via a 10 mile stretch of a bumpy dirt road through the mountains. It starts in Chula Vista.  
The views were amazing and the day was perfect.  Sunny and hot as hell!  Yet I wasn't sweating too bad.  You know what Im going to say next right?  It was a "dry heat".   We stopped a couple times for a photo op...or was it too take a break? Just before we reached Jamul (2 hours into the bike ride) we started to see houses and ranches.  These beautiful horses were so friendly coming right up to the fence to be pet.  Yes, we are definitely going to have a couple of horses one day. When we reached Jamul, we rewarded ourselves with a tall beer .  Chin Chin.  We rested about 30 minutes and made the trek back home, which took us about half the time, since it was mostly uphill getting there.  An awesome ride!  The harder the better.  In September there is a 200 mile ride in Mexico from Durango to Mazatlan and we are hoping to do it along with some family that live in Durango.  More to come on that.......

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