Thursday, July 23, 2009

Afternoon Cocktails and Ceviche

A sunny afternoon of cocktails & ceviche with a view.  Yes, have some.
He said Ceviche...and we said, we'll be right over!
Ernesto's brother-in-law Pepe invited us over to his house for a leisurely afternoon.  He and Veronica live in Bonita in the ultimate party house.  The deck, complete with pool and hot tub, overlooks a golf course and the mountains of course.  
Pepe has been in the restaurant business forever and although he is not a chef at his job, he is a wonderful cook.    He is the king of ceviche! 
 As a mater of fact, Ernesto learned how to make ceviche from Pepe years ago, although he made a couple modifications.  (see  recipe)  I love how Pepe added cucumber and used habanero chiles.  wow! It was spicy.  He made a batch with shrimp and one with fish.  

The drink to the left is a Michelada.  (Beer, clamato juice, black pepper, tabasco, worcheshire sauce, lime, salt).   A perfect complement to ceviche tostadas.  Trust me. so good! 

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