Friday, May 16, 2008

I Finally Pushed the Button.......

I Finally Pushed the button. I decided to take "the package" from Delta. I can't believe it. Monday the 26th of May is my 10 year anniversary, and the 30th will be my last day in the office. I know I will cry. This was a HUGE decision, but I think I did the right thing. I will be starting my job with Habitat for Humanity on June 2 in Costa Rica. The position is for 12 months, but who knows how I will feel, who I will meet, or what opportunitues will come my way during my year (or so) abroad. The "package" is kind of an insurance policy, that no matter what I do, I will gaurantee unlimited flights (not FREE, but at a discounted price) for me and my family for the next 10 years. This means that if I fall in love with Costa Rica, or I am offered a position in another country, or WHATEVER.....I will not be under the gun to come back to Delta (as I would with a leave of absence) The deadline to push the button and sign up for the package was Thursday at midnight. I was so glad when it was over, and then Friday when it was official, I felt much better. I KNOW that I will work for an airline again. In either option, I would be searching for a job (especially with the merger) Hopefully it is with Delta, but if not, it will be another airline. It is a lifestyle I have had for 10 years, and quite frankly, I NEVER want to give it up! It would be the most painful adjustment, and no amount of money could replace the freedom, sponteneity and adventure of having free flights anywhere in the world. Its in my blood-that will never change. Wish me luck!!

The other button is pushed is on the Apple website. After MUCH debate, I finally bought the white macbook that I have lusted after for a long time. Maybe it was mostly about looks, but I know that there will be so much to learn and play with, plus everyone I know that has one is very happy with it!!!

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