Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2nd Annual Girls Trip- Punta Cana

Dios mio! I don't know if we could've even had a better girls trip. Ok, well maybe if Jenny and I wouldn't have had to buy a ticket on American Airlines to Puerto Rico and stay the night to connect to a Delta flight on the way home...and if Smita and I hadn't had our ipods stolen.....but other than that the whole trip was PERFECT.....we even got first class on the way down. Jenny, Smita and I were all in a row on the plane until another passenger asked Smita to swap seats...she ended up sitting next to a guy we dubbed as PS (plaid shorts) He was actually in a wedding that was at our hotel that weekend, so we kept running into him.

After walking throught the tiki hut airport we had 5 million people trying to get us a taxi. I read online that the hotel was only 10 minutes away....but it was really an HOUR and 10 minutes. Ok, ok thats not going to get us down, we just had the driver stop at this little roadside store and we bought some drinks for the ride. No problem!The DREAMS RESORT & SPA was beautiful and lush, parrots hanging out (you know I had to feed them) a fruit stand with a lady peeling mangos on a stick, many
 restaurants to chose from,a swim up pool bar palapa, and a staff that was unbelievably accomadating and complimentary! Vale la pena! Worth every penny!
We got a couple hours of sun when we arrived, then took showers and headed to the Asian restaurant. We were there a bit late (actually the last people) so we asked the waiters to take a pic. They took several and this is my favorite. We started the night with a bang. ha haLuckily the Disco was only 2 steps from the restaurant, and a short stumble to the hotel room. There were 2 weddings going on that weekend and a lot of people came out to party and dance.It was a late night so the next day started out with a bloody mary poolside. Let the games begin!

Our favorite drinks were the Samy Sosa (pina colada, strawberry daquiri and blue curacao) and the Wilson Special (bartender Wilson made this special drink with melon?) Jay-Z, pictured to the right w/his bodygaurd) introduced us to this drink. I usually dont do that many mixed drinks...after one or two I switch, but these were DELICIOUS and so refeshing (both were frozen)
We saw some of the guys from the disco the night before and had a great time with them. We had them calling us FRED in no time and they taught us some Dominican sayings too....mamaqui mamaca?? DREAMS had so many activities going on during the day by the pool, and we were up for participating in EVERYTHING. There was a Paella cooking contest on the beach one day, but we just participated in eating the finished product and drinking the sangria. When they asked for arm wrestlers, Jenny and I ran up. 50 Cent and Michael Jackson, (as we affectionately called them) were part of the entertainment team. They introduced us and gave us the 1-2-3 go. Fred against Fred! After a good fight, I was beat.We laughed so hard. Jenny went on to beat the next girl and then TIED another girl (a big girl) for the championship. After that was the salsa dance lesson which we all did.Next on the agenda came the afternoon step aerobics class. Oh, why not? I was already out there dancing. It was a great class, I ended up doing it the next day too. For some reason I never got tired, the instructor loved me I kept yelling more more!! I think I was the only one out there?
I had a photographer getting lots of action shots and a waiter who brought me my vodka & cranberry. We laughed our asses off going through all these pictures on the last day.
Are you smiling? Im so coordinated and athletic! Come on, that picture is funny! Another game they had was "Name that Tune" Ohhh im good at that, and Smita is too! Everyone was staing in a semi-circle with a chair in front, they played a cong for 2 seconds and the 1st person to make it to the chair and sit had the chance to name that tune (or singer) They were giving out DREAMS dollars...and we were loading up...stuffing it in our bathing suits...we won thousands. Little did we know that these $$ were only good at a nightly auction at 9pm, which we never knew about. We were planning to spend it at the gift shop on the last day. We ended up gifting the whole wad of "cash" to a couple we met in the pool from Virginia. I wonder what they bought? It was a looooooooooong, tiring day, but we pressed on!! Showered, ate and headed to the disco again.
The last morning we laid out on the beach, Smita and I collected our sand, and actually got in the ocean for the first time. We drank one last Samy Sosa, and Michael Jackson came by to give hugs and say goodbye.
He was the best "entertainer" at the hotel. What a job they have!! They actually live there and get paid to entertain the guests, plan activities and put on a show everynight on the main stage. It reminded us of Dirty Dancing. Are you sick of our poses yet?
Its a rough life....but somebody has to do it!!!

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  1. Great shots you've got! Plus the scenery, it's just an amazing one. Hope you did have an incredible trip. Congratulations!

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