Friday, May 23, 2008

Delta-Habitat Fund Raiser

It was 80 and Sunny yesterday and my departments annual Habitat for Humanity Volleyball tournament. It was at Hammers, a bar with a sand court just a 2 minute drive from the office. There were about 10 teams in all and 2 from my group in pricing. It was double elimination and we lasted 3 games!!!Here is my boss Scott serving up a point! Some were serious....and some were not!!! Kelly and I make faces during a break!It was such a great surprise when I looked accross the court to see my long lost friend TITO!We worked together 4 years ago in the Latin America Dept. and he now lives in Puerto Rico and I dont get to see him very often. He was in town for some meetings and I had mentioned the tournament. He showed up with some co-workers! All of which agreed they will hire me back to Delta in Latin America! woo-hoo!! I must keep the good contacts! Ernesto came down to hang out after work and he knows Tito too! It was a fun night! Lots of laughing!My two closest friends in the office are Swartzy and Scott. I will really miss them. My focus last night was to convince Scott to skip one night of his Spain trip so he can come to my party this Thursday at Loca Luna......but this is a tough one. Not because he really wants to go to Spain, like you would think (actually the only reason he is going is becuase he won free hotel nights at our xmas party) but because he is going with his 2 sisters. My arguement is that he sees them every weekend, and they will be FINE there without him for one day. Hes not going to see me for a all about ME ME ME!!! the way it should be for my last week right?
He is going to think about it.

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