Monday, January 21, 2008

Lunch Shopping...Don't you?

This has to be one of my best unexpected finds at TJMaxx. Some days when Im working I just need to leave my desk for a while...even when I bring my lunch. I was really looking for this cream colored shaggy rug for our new place, but they didnt have it anymore. What did I find? These 2 leather jewelry cases. Leather and lined in suede-y material, they have so many compartments, even small ones for earrings. Most importantly, they are MY COLORS!! They are perfect! No longer do I have to keep my jewels in the plastic cases, and never again will I take samples of my work in a cigar box. They were screaming PLUMA and are peacock colors to boot?? SOLD!!! $40 for both. Da da da da - da da da da TjMaxx!!!Last night I held the 3rd Geek Night at my house. We had a newcomer and she was excited to get her blog going. Who better to help, but a BLOG ASS like me? It ws fun to show someone who was excited. It seems I'm always telling people that they should start a blog.Mendy titled her blog Blue Skies. She is an amazing photographer and will have a lot of "back blogging to do from past trips, she has worked for DL for a long time. I especially love her title shot , check it out at

We were laughing so hard, because Smita started to unload all her geek gear from her bag.

Laptop, blackberry, camera, cords, ipod and 3 jump drives?

We geeked-out until 11pm. When I peeked into our bedroom, I was amazed at what I saw
Just in the last few days, Neto has started petting her and calling her...."come here mare mare" He even uses a funny voice like I do....I may ge to keep her!!!

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