Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's like we never even left Midtown....

We are now setteled into our 850 sq ft place, and we are both really happy with the space. It is the lower level of a house in a neighborhood called Morningside. It is actually only two blocks away from our first apartment when we moved to the ATL in 2000. It is nice to be back in midtown. I love how there are so many people out and about walking and running in this area. Don't get me wrong I loved our house, shoot, it's was only 7 miles from here, so it was very convenient to midtown but I am excited that can just walk down the street to go to Kroger and Piedmont Park (pito park, as my dad likes to call it) and Virginia Highlands. There is a gym that we are probably going to join and we can walk there too. As a matter of fact I am going to take a run right now and stop at this awesome furniture store, and go to the petstore to look for a bed for Rare. Even if I dont have a purpose, running in this neighborhood is great...the houses are beautiful. Its old and every house is different and there are a lot of trees. I cant wait to see it in the spring (the best time of year in Atlanta if you ask me) when everything is blooming. This picture was taken standing in the front of our house standing in the street.
You enter our apartment from the back of the house where we have a parking spot in the driveway. There is a little brick patio, with a beautiful wall of ivy as a backdrop. I will still get to do container gardening. I brought all of my blue flower pots, and sold the rest. That is the sadest part about leaving our house. I had such a great garden! So many plants.....many transplanted from my moms garden in Ohio.
Besides the awesome neighboorhood and the patio, the main reason we decided to rent here is the storage. In the bedroon, there are his and her closets and in the living room 2 huge closets, one of which was made into an office. Then in the little kitchen there is a huge pantry. It just felt right when we walked in. See the double white doors? Huge! The open closet was made into an office space.
And here is looking the other way.... Ernesto hung our tv the bedroom. In the living room there is a built-in for the tv above the mantle. which is hidden by a mirror, but our tv is too big and wont fit, so ernesto had to be a handyman again. We'll have to get a smaller tv for the living room. I bought new bedding...just for a fresh start!! The most important thing about the kitchen was that it had a gas stove, and even though it seems smaller than our house, it actually has more counter space, more cabinets and a huge pantry so we are pretty happy about that.
Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow
It was beautiful here on Saturday, It snowed for hours and we went out to play in it...and shop, of course! (which btw, I am giving up for the month of February, along with sweets)
As Smita and I had a baileys and coffee, we felt like we were in the mountains or some little cafe in europa, it was cool getting a little dusting of snow. I have been able to wear my black furry boots several days too. I really dont mind the cold because I know it will be over in a minute.
Saturday night we picked 2 new recipes to make. Ernesto made a scallop linguine with peas, which sounds delish, but really was not a repeater...actually none of us finished it. Then Smita and I pick a red soup that looked so good in the picture. It was a Russian Borsht. Basically a lot of root veges boiled and pureed. Once everything was cooking we realized there arent even any spices in this soup. vinegar, salt and pepper? Did they say that was it?Is anyone reading this?? I know Ernesto just likes to look at the pictures, so Im curious about you?????


  1. Not only do I read all your entries, Cindy darling, I've also seen all your films! You're great!

    PS - Doesn't Baileys count as a sweet?

  2. Does skimming count?? Just kidding, I hang on your every word.. I am wondering why you haven't given the world a Rare update. Her situation doesn't sound so dire anymore. So, my question is, what am I to do with Hester's collar I special ordered??

  3. Sometimes I read this if I can find a spare moment at work.


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