Monday, January 14, 2008



Ernesto has made it clear that he doesnt want Rare to come with us to our new place. It is a one bed/1bath and Rare doesnt know the area, and the yards are smaller, so I would not want her to go outside....which is fine with me, but Ernesto likes to have her be indoor/outdoor so we don't need a litter box. That is his big complaint! The damn litter box!! I think it is easy! I know it has only been 6 months, but I am so attached to Rare. The thought of her not coming with us to our new place had made me start to cry. Brrrian had mentioned at xmas time that he and Jen were thinking of getting a kitty. That would be so great to keep her in the family, she is such a great pet, and cuddly and loves how I call her Rare Mare Mare and when I rub under her chin and say ti ti ti ti. Who will carry this on for her but someone as weird as me.......thats BRRRRIAN, I know it is a perfect fit!! They have agreed to a trial run, (I hope this isn't because I called them crying?) I am 100% confident that they will love her and want to keep her forever. They aren't ready to commit. If anyone understands this, it is ME. It took me 4 months to admit she is my cat, I didnt think I could take care of her with my traveling and such, but it turns out cats are pretty independent (unlike dogs) and you can leave for days at a time-no problem!
To show my commitment to Rare (6 months later) I took her for her first visit to the veterenarian today. It was obvious that I am not an experienced cat owner....especially that I just put Rare in the car like she is a dog. Everyone told me that a cat would freak out in a car, but i didnt have a carrier......does this look like a freaked out kitty?? My little mare mare...

The technicians at the vet asked me a few questions about her. I told them about how Rare just showed up one day on my deck when I got home from work and her loving personality made me fall in love. I didn't really know anything about Rare's history. They asked me if she was going to be an indoor or outdoor cat going forward and I started crying right there at the counter. "I don't know we are moving and my husband doesn't want to keep her, my brother said he might, but if he doesn't I will have to find her another home." I just couldn't get that out of my mouth without crying. She brought me a tissue. I cried off and on during the visit. My poor mare mare! She was really good in the office. Scared and curious she investigated every corner of the room while we waited for the vet to come in....I think she was looking for a way out.

Dr. Villajes from Village Vets in Decatur was wonderful with Rare. She guessed that she is one to one and a half years old by the size and tarter on her teeth. She cleaned her ears.......and also felt some scare tissue on her stomach indicating that she had been fixed. I knew she was too friendly to be a stray. Then last night my neighbor Grady told me that Rare was in a litter of a cat who belonged to his neighbor. She has moved away and the house is now for sale. How could she leave Rare like that??? I got her treated for fleas (even though she didnt have them) but that was a requirement of our new landlord. Neto let her sleep in our bed last night. I convinced him that she was scared in the new environment. She was hiding under the couch all day. Your safe now my little mare mare......

Here she models her new turquoise collar with rinestones.


  1. I here there is a farm in Ohio that would take Chester for you.

  2. Nestor or the Mahr. That's a cute puddy-tat. I don't think you'll ever give her away. What is the female form of Chester anyways??


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