Friday, July 01, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Marcelo!

Yes my little Marcelo is getting BIG!  He turned the big 0-3!! I would say this little collage is a great homage to my funny boy. His smile in the above picture says it all.  I am gonna start some trouble!!! 

He was talking about a Superman party for months. A black and white Superman party to be exact. However, the black and white Superman (an Imaginext figure) was set to be his prize when he goes poopie in the potty. (which actually happened the day AFTER he turned three, but has not happened again since)

We invited Grandma and Grandpa down and they came a couple days early to hang out. Just in time for the Sunday farmers market.
My mom and Ernesto started a puzzle (1000 piecer and a backwards picture) and this sucked up all of the party prep time!  (haha just kidding mom!)
We did go the simple route on this party though. We hung out and let the boys play with "their" new toys. Big brother was right in there helping to tear open each present and was just as excited as the birthday boy (probably more!)
Grandma gave the puzzle a break (haha) and built LEGOS eeeearly in the morning.

Marcelo opened camo shorts and a shirt from grandma and grandpa, a new paint set, a "field microscope" for captured bugs and such. (This boy loves him some bugs!) A new book Harry the Dirty Dog.  Do you know it?  Its really cute. 
Oh and a few packages came in the mail which is always exciting. 

Did you send him these blocks? It didnt have a note so we have no idea who sent them??
Thanks if it was you and please let me know who you are in the comments below!
This new Spiderman "dart board" was a hit! (really magnets)
Like I said, we went simple for the party with an ice cream cake.  (thanks dad!)

 I plopped those figures on the cake and he was super excited!
Easy! (hey, I went all out on his party last year, so cut me some slack!)

Again with the big brother helping.  Mateo had been asking everyday if he could help with blowing out the candle (and opening presents) Marcelo always answered "sir" (meaning sure)
Of course whenever Marcelo got mad at Mateo (or me for that matter) he would tell us "You cant come to my birthday party!"  

You know what time it is right?
Yes all our parties are the same! Ha. We did switch up the dinner this time and serve chicken and carne asada tacos instead of our shredded pork, which has been a neighborhood favorite.
But the pinata ....always a pinata! 
Eight kids and 11 adults makes a good party, but I think in the future we are going to do parties in the park...or better yet our HUGE back yard that will have a pool, playground and trampoline!!! 
nope, no news on the house hunting.  Stay tuned!

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