Sunday, July 03, 2016

Nine Months {Paloma's Monthly Photo}

* You started crawling mamacita!!! You got really fast in a matter of days too! Yikes!

* You are also pulling up on the couch. Unfortunately you have had quite a few spills but are getting better at easing back down to the floor.

* You can wave hola & adios! It is too cute.

* You are clapping every time you see your papi because he taught you "patty cake"

* You are STILL sleeping in the pack and play, but I promise papi is going to bring your crib down from the attic this week.

* You are also STILL on that streak of waking up once on most nights and whining until mami brings you into bed with us. Which is another reason why you need to be in a crib in your own room! It's hard for me to ignore you when you are right beside me mama.

* Even though your main source of nourishment is still 90% breastmilk, you are definately a baby lead weaning kind of girl. Feeding yourself is much more exciting (and messy!) You love to gnaw on big pieces of chicken, bell peppers, cucumbers and beans. Oh and you love rice. You'll eat 1/2 an avocado in one sitting and devour all kinds of fruit.
* You had a low fever for almost 4 days and low & behold, your first tooth popped out (June 29th)
There is some debate whether teething causes a fever, but I am a believer since you had no other symptoms of a virus and suddenly it stopped. hmm
* You have been loving the pool this last month, we bought you a little inter tube to float around with your brothers. You could not look any cuter in your little swim shirt and bikini.

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