Saturday, October 24, 2015


Mi querida Paloma,
Well baby girl, it has been another week of the same from you. Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep.
I wouldn't go as far to say you are chubby yet, but you are definitely getting bigger!! I am excited to see how much you weigh when we go for your one month visit, which happens to be on your original due date (Nov 2).
We have noticed your little eye lashes and eyebrows are starting to come in. (as barely seen above) And your eyes are opening more and more.
You are still happy in the swing all day
During the night you have kept with waking for one feeding (usually sleeping 4-5 or even 6 hour stretches) Mami is pretty happy about that.
Your brothers are still enamored with you and are showering you with kisses every chance they get.
Marcelo calls you "Poma" and likes to tell me .
"Poma's crying mami. Get her."
"Poma awake!"
"I hold the baby."
In other exciting news, mami's long time [Delta] friend Sandy came to meet you. It was so good to see her and she brought you a very cute sleep sak. She loved holding you and you were pretty comfy in her arms.
You've been receiving many packages in the mail, all of which Mateo "helped" you open. Such cute outfits too. It is going to be so fun dressing you. (Thanks Fred, Barbie & Michelle for the following!)
Your mami ordered a couple outfits for you as well. You wore hospital t-shirts and diapers for the first 2 weeks because I had nothing! (and you were small) This deer one-piece and this squirrel kimono from the GAP are so cute! (and on super sale right now!)
I ordered the squirrel one piece in the smallest size ("up to 7 lbs") so hope fully you get a couple more fits perfectly right now. (as modeled below) The deer outfit is 0-3 months and too big yet!
I would say the most exciting thing this week (and the longest you were awake at one time) was when your papi and hermanos gave you your first bath (at home).
You liked it. You didn't cry so that means you liked it right? 
Papi washed the stale milk smell from your neck and washed your hair and your brothers supervised.
We rubbed in some baby oil and lotion on your peeling creases. Your thick hair got fluffy and stood straight up. So fresh and so clean clean.
Thursday evening was our first time eating out as a FAMILY OF FIVE!!!! Oh. My. Goodness. We were sitting at Tin Drum eating and your papi smiled at me and said "family of five!" I asked a lady to take our picture, because that is just bananas.
We were out that night shopping for Halloween costumes. Your hermanos knew exactly what they wanted to be when we walked in this pop-up shop. (Mateo-batman and Marcelo-spiderman) but I could tell the choices were just too overwhelming for them. In a CRAZY turn of events...Mateo ended up as Spiderman and Marcelo found a great Batman. They were/are so excited. There has been no way to get these outfits off of them. They are slinging webs in every direction. (yes, even batman!)
I think you will be happy being my little pumpkin this year, won't you mi Palomita? Yes, you will be going trick-or-treating, but since your head will be the only part visible, (because you will be in a carrier) your costume will probably consist of a hat!
You are really going to like our neighborhood. There are a lot of activities for kids. The Sunday farmers market is a weekly event that we rarely miss if we are in town. There are several Halloween events too. Friday night was the annual Halloween Lantern Parade in Grant Park.
You (of course!) slept through the whole parade (so comfy in that moby wrap). Even when your mami and papi were running around frantically looking for your brother. Yep, tu hermano Marcelo is a runner and we actually couldn't find him for about 10 minutes. (which felt like an hour!) Hundreds of people, kids running everywhere, a band playing and total darkness besides the lanterns.
He found some kids to play with (which happened to be close by, but like I said it was dark!) and their mom took him over to the information booth to wait for us when she noticed he was alone. They kept asking him his name and he kept saying "Batman!" It was really a cool event, but losing my baby even for that short time was enough to ruin the night for your mami and papi.
You stay close to mami ok? We can't take another scare like that! Maybe you are going to be a relaxed calm little girl. I think you will have to be a little bit of a tomboy or at least be very tough to take on your older brothers. And that is a good thing.
Rest up little girl, you have got a lot of excitement ahead of you. Our house is filled with noise, chaos....and lots of love. You are going to be very happy here.

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