Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Paloma Meets Sus Hermanos

Even though little Paloma was born close to 8pm, we didn't call the boys that night because it was late once we were settled in our room. We did send pictures to our neighbors and they shared the news with the boys. They had a baby sister! Carolyn broke the news and took this cute little video.

The next morning, Ernesto left the hospital to pick up the boys from their sleepover and bring them to meet their baby sister. They were soooooo excited when they arrived. I cried as soon as they walked in the room, and continued crying while I watched their faces. They were in such awe.
And so sweet. "Mami, is this our baby? Is she coming to our house?"
Lots of kisses, soft touches, toe tickling and umbilical cord questions ensued.
My boys didn't come empty handed. They bought their little sister a few cute shirts and their mami black licorice.  "I miss you.  You come to my house now!" said Marcelo.
 All the boys are very happy with the new edition.  I think they do understand that she is part of our family and is going to live with us.   It makes it easier that Marcelo can talk.  Mateo was not talking when Marcelo was born, and it took about a week for him to adjust and finally understand that the baby was here to stay.  We will see what happens this time!  I am very excited to take my baby home and finally be with my family.  It has been a long couple weeks! 

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