Thursday, April 24, 2014

Zafiro Jewelry Photo Shoot!

Last week I hopped on a plane up to Columbus, Ohio to stay with my niece Kelli.  She is the BOMB by the way!  Gorgeous, obviously, and smart to boot!  Plus, like her mother, she is quite organized.   Boy does Aunt Cindy need her help.  Ha!  

All through college she dabbled in some modeling and from that she has made some great connections. 

Enter Tom Welsh Photography.

Kelli set up a photo shoot for Zafiro Jewelry and I was floored by the quality of his work.  
Now keep in mind he is not a stylist, nor am I for that matter, but I am quite happy with how we pulled this together.  My goal was to get a few good shots for the home page of my new website. (updates coming soon - I promise!)
Well, Tom sent me over 200 pictures and I am still going through them.  I don't know how I will pick. 

The shoot was a blast.  It was Tom, my sister, Kelli and me.  The 80's music was on Pandora and almost 3 hours flew by!  Whew!  After not much sleep the night before, we were tired at the end.
Tom has a home studio and it is fully equipt with more that I would ever know what to do with, which is why I was happy to have a professional in charge.  Kelli is a natural in front of the camera too, so that helps.

These are my crappy phone pics, but check out what a good camera and lighting can do!
Hello?  I know, ridiculous!
By the way ladies and gents, those are sapphires, and they are for sale!! Email me for pricing.

Since this was a "for trade" (model/portfolio) photo session (thanks again Kelli for arranging!) a lot of the photos will need to be cropped to feature "the jewels," but this is so easy when you have huge raw files.  The quality is amazing at any size.  
For example the above photo of Kelli wearing a rough chrysoprase and gold necklace will be cropped down to something more like this (an maybe even more close up!)

Gorg right!? Im totally excited to get this thing going!  Kelli is a huge inspiration too.  Besides being the "Face of Zafiro," she is going to be handling some of the business side.  More deets to come on that!  This weekend is Inman Park Festival, one of my best/busiest shows of the year, so the website will have to wait while I punch out some new pieces this week!  
Come by and take a look.  I will be on Hurt St both Saturday and Sunday!  

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