Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter 2014!

 My brother Tim called just a week before Easter to ask if we wanted visitors.  Um? Yes!! (I always want visitors.  Seriously.)  I was especially happy with theses visitors as they had never been to our house before.
He and my two nephews flew up from Miami for a long weekend.  Michelle, my sis-in-law, was recovering from a stomach virus.  Ugh!  That left me with a lot of testosterone!  Ha!
We had great food and good laughs.  It was tough finding fun indoor activities on a rainy weekend that weren't packed, but finally we ended up here...
 Bowling is always so much fun, Im not sure why we do it so infrequently.  
Mateo had a blast though, and was totally into watching everyone and waiting his turn.  A repeater activity for sure. 
 Easter morning the little Matiti was on the hunt for his basket as soon as he awoke. 
He had been counting down the arrival of "Bubbles" [the Easter bunny] and "egg sprize" for weeks so he was ready!  That Easter bunny left candy and a Play Doh playset (Drill n Fill).  Would you believe that Play Doh trumps candy in our house?  Im sure this was the Easter bunny's plan...and it worked.  
The Little Tykes wagon was a Easter yard sale score ($5 people!!) from mama and papi. Mateo is doing a great job holding on to his little brother. 

The Easter egg hunt took place in the back yard with the cousins.  Tyler and Noah made sure that all the eggs left by the Easter Bunny were within reach and Mateo went to town hunting and gathering. 

 So so exciting!  "Sprize mami" "bubbles egg sprize" "my sprize"

Weird to look back to one year ago.  Mateo didn't even know what candy was. 
We were at my mom's for Easter and my belly was big with a surprise.  Now here we are a family of FOUR! What?! Although it's cray-cray 'round here,  I can't imagine it any other way. 

Did you guys have a great Easter?  Easter egg hunt?  Family? 
 I hope all of the above! 

ps. Thank you Target for putting your awesome Easter decor on clearance to quickly.  I was able to snatch up this egg wreath at half price. 
Pss.  My brother made this unbelievable ceviche and Im going to share the recipe!  To. Die. For!
Be on the look out!

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