Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Today is my parents 47 year anniversary.   WOW! Whew!  Can you imagine?  Just kidding.  
I can't wait to say we've been married that long.  
I think a big congratulations is in order, right?!!  More than that though, I wanted to say thanks mom & dad! You guys have always shown your kids a good example of marriage

Observations from My Parents' Marriage
  1. They seem to like each other and laugh together
  2. They travel a lot together.  (play together stay together?)
  3. They sit down and eat dinner together every night
  4. They never [used to] argue in front of their kids  (things have changed in recent years- ha!)
  5. They are always respectful to one another
  6. They have separate hobbies (ex: golf/gardening, sports/sewing etc)
  7. They pick their battles (my mom at least -haha)
  8. They are considerate of each other 
These are just a few things I have witnessed.   

They have an "opposites attract" marriage I would say.  They are so different, but really balance each other out.  They found a great match and I guess that is why they are celebrating 47 years today! 

After compiling this list, I called them up to ask what they would say is their secret for a good long lasting marriage.
Here is what they said:

Dad:  "She let's me play golf whenever I want...she let's me do whatever I want"

Mom:  "I pick my battles."  (was I right or was I right?)

So just to be clear, for a long lasting marriage you will need to let your husband do whatever he wants, and only "battle him" on the important things.  Boy, I gotta do some changin'.   Ha! 

ps. I Just asked Ernesto if/why he thought our marriage was "good" he said "because we are great communicators like each others company.  Ha! I do enjoy your company mi amor!  

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