Friday, February 21, 2014

Trolling Tampa Craigslist

Sooooo....we are taking a roadtrip to Florida on Sunday.  My Parents have rented a place for a few weeks along the Weeki Wachee River about an hour north of Tampa.  The 12 hour trip up to Ohio for Christmas went so well, that we figured a trip to FL (just half the time) will be a breeze.

Of course since we are driving to another city you know what that means.  I had to waste a couple hours pop on Craigslist to see what's up in Tampa.  I couldn't resist.  What if there was a steal of a deal? What if there was unique piece just waiting to be revived?!

Yeah. What if?!  Big mistake.
2 Dixie campaign chests for $175
It was one cool thing after the next. These two campaign chests above are just calling my name.  I don't think I need to explain my love for campaign furniture, but how many pieces of furniture can one have in their house that is the same style without being overkill?  I did just have to throw out a bed to accommodate the 5 piece set I scored before Christmas. Ha!
(Update: these sold before I even finished writing this post. Of course they did!)

Last I checked though, this beautiful campaign desk was still available and it's only $40 people! Run! Someone please, run to pick up this beauty!  It would be great for a little entry table or a console/sofa table too.
campaign desk -$40!!!!!

I LOVE this vintage Drexel dresser and believe it or not, I would definitely keep the wood.  The burl and brass are so gorgeous!  I really want to have a great wood piece in my bedroom and this would be perfect!
Drexel burl & brass dresser $400
There are several faux bamboo dressers (but real wood) that I would love to have.  To me, these are just begging for a high gloss lacquer in a bold color.   Even though I love my mint green credenza/entry table  I would trade it out for this beauty.
Faux bamboo wood bedroom set -$425

This one below is great too, just not as good as the first.  Still, solid wood and only $200.
Dixie faux bamboo dresser $200
If I had seen these Lucite dining chairs before I found mine I would have been renting a trailer in Tampa.  For sure.  Hell, I should still go buy them.  These things would sell for a pretty penny...Im talking thousands on Chairish or 1stDibs.  Yes, now I am a furniture dealer.  
Lucite chairs $400 for set of 4

The hunt still continues for my bedroom nightstands here is a set of three for $75.  I bet these were nice wood before they were painted.  If you were really ambitious you could strip these down to their midcentury glory.  Still, the shape is great and they look like they hold a lot of shit!  Bonus!  Oh and did I mention they are only $75 for three!!?
MCM nightstands -3 for $75!

This nightstand has a nice boxy shape and unique pulls, but Im not convinced with the wood finish.

Ditto for this campaigner below.  It's a perfect little side table.
Campaign side table - $75
This set sold me with the unique hardware.  It needs to be gold. Period. 
3 piece set $100

 Although the whole set is dope, the nightstands are my favorite.  I would see if the gold hardware makes me like the wood better and then decide if I should paint it or not. But hello?  It's only $100 for 4 pieces. (headboard not pictured)  Craziness!! Someone please snatch this up! 

Under the search "vintage" (one of my regulars) this awesome chandelier came up.  
 LOVE LOVE LOVE!  And just $155?!   

This could easily fit into our SUV.  This would make my bedroom, although I would have to convince Ernesto that it looks better than a ceiling fan feels.  I do like the fans breeze in the summer, but would give it up for this light in a second.  Mi amor?

Somebody stop me already!!

Ok, if you are still with me, I have one last thing to share.  This would not easily fit into our SUV.  But it could be strapped on top right?  Verdad mi amor? This is 8 feet of tufted beauty.  
vintage tufted couch $250

If you think it looks dated, I will concur.  But you would not believe how many decades are forgotten when you peel off that skirt.  It would look fresh and modern.  I actually love the pink, but would change the fabric to a darker velvet to match my decor.  Ps. A couch of this size, tufted and in velvet would be at least $3k brand new and Im sure the quality would not be as good.

I think Atlanta Craigslist is pretty good, but you are killing me Tampa!  All of this came up within a few days.  I guess this is why Florida is the thrifting capital!!  Im looking forward to hitting some of the actual consignment shops and thrift stores while we are there too.  It won't take much to convince my mom to go with me either. 

Im done.  I need to start packing for this Florida trip.  We will be packing light to assure there is least a little room for found treasures. 

Remember when I had the idea to be a Craigslist personal shopper?  I still think that is a great idea, but until then, I will do it for free.  Seriously, I don't mind.  What city do you want me to stalk for you?  

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