Friday, April 05, 2013

{Before and After} The Entry Table!

Remember this piece of furniture I bought on Craigslist [over a year ago]?  I found it on Craiglist in Ohio and begged my sister to pick it up for me.  Paul's Shuttle (ie: my dad) delivered it free of charge shortly thereafter.  I ended up buying it for $100.   In the ad, I was initially attracted to the design on the drawers, and that is still my favorite part, but it is also a quality piece.  Dovetail drawers and everything. 
Disclaimer: I never said I would be quick completing my projects, but I do get things done eventually.  
It was in pretty good shape, but I knew I wanted it to be painted...keeping the beautiful brass handles.  I waffled between a boring white or gray, but never pulled the trigger.  I kept feeling like it should be painted a color!  

(Part of the reason I take a while to finish a project is because I sometimes have a hard time deciding exactly what I want to do with a piece, so I wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Until, finally it hits me.  Or Pinterest hits me.  An idea sparks, and I can move forward.)

Well, I am happy to say, she is finally finished!
So without further ado.......
Please forgive the un-styled photo and rolled up-to be sold on Craiglist-rug under the dresser.  One thing at a time.
My mom and I painted this at the same time we did the mint ombré etageres/shelves that sit in the dining room.

I used the palest mint green called Window Pane by Behr and for the shelves went with the next 3 shades on the color chip.

Because the piece will be getting a lot of use, I wanted to make sure the finish is durable.   I used an oil-based paint and primer.  (Zinsser) Two coats of each and I waited 24 hours in between coats.

The hardware cleaned up beautifully with Bar Keepers Friend and looks brighter than this picture shows.

This dresser is 72" long and sits along my entry wall.  You can see a glimpse of the gold mirror above.
I am working on getting my art together to make a collage around the mirror.  I am so ready for this room to finally come together.  It has been 18 months since we moved in and I am just now starting to see some cohesion with the bottom floor decor (all open space). whew! 
I know, I coming!

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