Saturday, July 20, 2013

Marcelo: Week Three

Mi querido Marcelo,
Well, It's week number 3 and here you are....still sleeping in the swing.  Even when tu hermano comes over to bug you, you just keep on snoozing.   Even when he plays with his loudest toys, you keep on snoozing.  Even when he does his screechiest scream, you just keep. on. snoozing!  
Your face is starting to fill out and your little belly is getting big.  I can see your eyelashes are coming in and I can't help but wonder if they will look like your hermanos.  (ie: amazingly long!)  Your eyes are blue, but again I wonder if they will change like Mateo's did. (at one year) You have a lot of hair and so far it's not going anywhere.  

You are one efficient eater.  You wake up every few hours to eat and take in all you want in about 10 minutes.  This is great for our middle of the night feedings because we are only up for about 30 minutes.  
This week your tios Brrrian and Kyja came to visit from Asheville.
We had a nice time with them.  Cooking out and hanging out.  One night Lucia and Manuel came over to meet you too.  
 They brought you a cute little outfit and a 'big brother' shirt for Mateo.  
Of course we hit the farmers market on Sunday and visited with our wonderful neighbors Anthony, Beth and their two little ones.  You and Mateo will have to fight over beautiful Gabriel when you get older.
Our friends Aileen and Jay were there too and since they are more prepared than your mama, I was able to sit on their blanket to feed you....and use their wipes to change you.  oops. (note to self: pack a diaper bag!)
Unfortunately, your darn cold lasted the whole week.  You were such a sport about it too.  I think it bothered me more than you.  Ok, probably not, but you really didn't complain too much about it.  Even when we used the saline spray and suction, you were such a good boy.

Lots of sleeping going on in la casa espinoza!  We don't hold you for most of your naps because you sleep so well in your swing or bassinet, (also because we are playing with tu hermano) but it is nice to cuddle with you everyday for at least one nap. 

I love you so much my beautiful boy. I hope you enjoy all the kisses I give you, I just can't stop.  I won't stop. Ever!  Next visitors on the list?  Your tios SchaffNers!!  They flew down for a long weekend just to meet you!  Lucky boy!
Te quiero mucho,
tu mama

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