Saturday, July 06, 2013

Marcelo: Week One

 Querido Marcelo, 
Welcome to our little familia!  Your papi and I could not be any happier.  Your sweet face makes me cry with happiness.  I think you look a lot like Mateo.  Same nose and big lips. Your eyes lashes & brows aren't really showing yet.  I wonder if those will be the same too.  Your eyes are blue, as of now. 

Your hermano has been having a hard time figuring out what it going on but little by little he is warming up to you.  He likes to give you kisses and is a good helper when we are changing your diaper.  He seems so big all of a sudden.  I think he grew in the 3 days we were in the hospital with you. 
Your mama was a bit of an emotional mess this week, but I can honestly tell you that you have only caused me tears of joy.   Mateo was a very easy baby, but you have taken the cake.  We didn't want to get too excited when on the first night of your life you slept a 4 hour stretch and then a 5 hour stretch waking up at 745am...but you have continued sleeping similar patterns all week.   I have been feeding you around 11pm before I go to bed and wake up just once during the night with you.  Unbelievable!  

You latched right after you were born and have eaten like a champ ever since.  Your cries are infrequent and short lived.  You haven't even showed us what your lungs can do yet. 

You are very content to hang out in the Mamaroo swing for long spurts and tu hermano is happy to change the settings for your ride.  Start-stop, fast-slow, repeat.  He also likes to uncover your feet and look at how tiny they are.

Your grandparents were at our house waiting for your homecoming.

Your tios Jerry and Beth flew in from California the night before we came home and were very excited to meet you too. They are staying for one week and are going places with your hermano and papi so we can hang out...just the two of us.
More visitors will be coming this month to meet you, and we will just wait here at the house until they arrive.  It has been rainy and sticky hot outside ever since you were born. You haven't even been in the car since your ride home from the hospital.  You like to camp out in bed with your mama.  Skin-on-skin, guzzling milk and pooping up a storm. 
I love you so much, my little easy baby,
tu mama


  1. Cant wait to meet this cute little nephew! What a nice little family Fred!

  2. Cindy - you have such a beautiful family! I can feel your love your sons, your husband, and your family in your writing -- it is, well, simply beautiful! All my best wishes, Kerry (Raleigh) Tipton

  3. He's beautiful!


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