Monday, June 24, 2013

A First Haircut at Salon Red Kids!

Happy Monday! Hope you guys had a great weekend!  Here I sit one day after my due date.  My parents are here and waiting to stay with Mateo when we are off to the hospital.  When is it going to happen!?  This is what I wanted, remember?  The excitement of not knowing is a crazy feeling.  Im not anxious (albiet a bit scared) but more excited.  Finally the 9 months of anticipation will pop.  Literally!

IS IT A BOY OR GIRL???  (Im telling you girls, you have to experience this ultimate surprise!)

I didn't want to go into labor early and now that it's Monday, I don't want to go late either.  I am trying to trust my body, as I have read, it usually does what it needs to do.  I have been walking quite a bit and today we will start "other things" that could bring on labor (wink, wink).

Yesterday we walked to the farmers market in the morning and I was so tired afterward.  Tired after walking a mile or two?  It is so weird to be a wimp.  Im trying to relax, but it really is hard for me.  Luckily I do have some blogging to do, so here we go!!

If you wondered why we never cut Mateo's hair...just take a look at this.
His papi had a little mexi-mullet when he was his age too!  I went along with it, because -hey- my baby would be cute with any hairstyle.  But the other day when Ernesto said let's take him to get a haircut, I called make an appointment at the perfect place.  My neighbor [and dear friend] Beth told me about Red Salon Red Kids in Decatur.  
Its a kids boutique/toy store and in the back there is a hair salon. What makes this place so special though is that the 3 chairs for haircuts are firetrucks! Genius, right?  
Knowing about the truck /seats made this whole seem possible.  I would've never thought my little mexican could sit still for a haircut, let a lone be excited to sit down for a haircut.  
Trust me, he is excited.  That is the before pic.  Our stylist, Vee, was so sweet and really playful with Mateo.  He was totally at ease with her.  (Plus we were sitting right beside his truck on a comfy couch.)We didn't want an even "clean cut"  hairdo for our little guy so all his moving around didn't seem to be a problem.  I told Vee to keep the same look just trim it up a bit...
  ...and that is exactly what she did!  I highly recommend Salon Red Kids if you are in Atlanta.
$15 well spent.


  1. He looks just like his papi! I LOVE the way the salon is designed. I think my kids would want to go in just based on the outside. I think it's all about the environment, it makes a kids first haircut not traumatizing and even make it easier for the future.

  2. Behave during a haircut – that’s rare for toddlers. Or maybe it’s because of the salon's car seat he’s sitting in. He still looks like his papi even with the mexi-mullet gone. You’re right when you said that any haircut would look good on him. Anyway, congrats on the new baby. Is it a boy or a girl? Beulah May @ Bernard’s Salon And Spa


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