Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Last 'Family of 3' Trip

We had been wanting to take a "Babymoon" trip ever since spring, but had so many other things going on that it never happened.  In true Espinoza style, we waited until the last minute (2 weeks before baby #2 is due) and finally planned a little getaway.  

It actually was a 12th wedding anniversary, Fathers Day and Babymoon trip all in one! 

Callaway Gardens is just 70 miles south of Atlanta in Pine Mountain, Georgia.  We took a little day trip down there once last year with my parents and were very impressed.   
On the grounds there are 4 different places to stay, two beautiful golf courses (maybe why Ernesto wanted to go back?? ) and tons of nature activities.  We stayed at the Mountain Creek Inn.  Ernesto got a package that included bike rentals for $99/night.  The hotel is nothing luxurious, but it was just remodeled this Spring and was very clean and comfortable.  

Red Robin Beach was a great place to spend the afternoon.  The lakes' cool water and white sand was  so welcoming.  
Mateo is a very daring adventurous boy, but it a little timid of water.  He was holding on tight, but had fun splashing around.  We brought his sand toys and some bubbles so he was a happy boy.
It was in the mid 90's so without an umbrella, you had to stay in the water to keep cool.  
There was a great playground right at the beach too.  It's so funny what is important now.  Child entertainment is key to your sanity!  Right moms??

We wore the little mexi-can out that day and thought he would sleep like a rock that night.  We didn't take the pack and play that the hotel offered us but decided we could all share the king size bed!  Great family fun!  What the hell were we thinking?!  This boy is all over the place.  All. Night.  It was the worst night sleep I have had in years.   Yes, even worse than those newborn breastfeeding nights!!
We turned the lights out at 8pm and he "read" his books and was up and down back and forth for 90 minutes before passing out.  We watched a movie then and tried to sleep ourselves, but I need a little more room (especially with this stomach) than he was allowing me.  At one point I was sleeping horizontally at the bottom of the bed until he woke up in a panic yelling mama.  So I had to move back up.  Just repeat this scenario every hour, all night.  No bueno! 

Oh well!  (The next night we got the pack and play crib and we he and his papi got a great night sleep. I still had a bad night, but not sure what was to blame) 

The bikes we rented were great TREK touring models, perfect for people with a huge stomach.  There is no leaning over to reach the handlebars.   
Although comfortable on this bike, I felt like an out of shape, sweaty cow.  That is probably because I am out of shape,  and was sweating my ass off.  Never mind that I am carrying an extra 24 pounds on me and the trails had some good inclines.  If activity is supposed to bring on labor, that day would have done it.
Ernesto's bike had the baby seat on the back.  Besides wearing the helmet, (he's not a hat person) Mateo had a great time.  

 We rode around the trails for a couple hours stopping a few places along the way.  One being the butterfly garden.  It's a gorgeous, lush greenhouse home to over 50 species of butterflies.
{pic via Callaway Gardens site}
Mateo was more into the water features than looking at the butterflies.  So much, in fact, that he fell in one of the water fountains while trying to splash his hands in it.  This was taken a few seconds before the fall.
 And this one, a few seconds after.
 Yes, soaked.  Hair and all.  Im sure it felt good, but he had a very scared look on his face.  I told you he doesn't like going under water.  I screamed and his papi laughed.  Ugh, men!
It's a wonder that after all of the teasing his papi does that Mateo will still get in the water with him.
 The hotel pool was nice and refreshing.  We all got some sun and relaxing time.
Leaving Callaway Gardens after a few days felt strangely like we had a real family vacation.  We had never taken one like this before.  It was a lot of fun....thanks to my two good traveling companions!

 ADIOS! Until our next adventure!   (maybe a hospital?)

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