Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Cinco de Mayo - Birthday Trip

A couple of months ago we decided we would go to Mexico for our last "family of three" vacation.
We got Mateo's passport back, and it is the cutest passport that has ever been printed.  I could be biased here, but I mean, take a look at his mug shot and tell me different.  

Our family vacation turned into Ernesto's [41st] birthday trip.  I was loosely planning a trip to the Cancun area, and by loosely I mean, I said that we were going.  I didnt make any reservations (of course!)  so the day before we were supposed to leave we were talking to my parents and they offered Ernesto an all-inclusive golf trip to sunny Ohio for his birthday!  You could imagine my surprise when he said he liked the idea.  (He is a true golf - ass!) I always like the idea of visiting my family, so I was happy if the birthday boy was happy.  The little mexi-can loooooooves his Grandma and Grandpa, so I knew he would be happy.   (We will just have to use that passport another time.)

The guys played 54 holes of golf!!  A birthday wish come true! 
Mateo got a couple tractor rides and lots of time to play in the dirt of grandmas garden.  
On Cinco de Mayo we had a family cook out complete with tacos de lengua.  Also my dad smoked a pork but.  De-lish!  I baked the birthday boys favorite....chocolate cake!  It was a perfect day hanging outside in beautiful weather. 
The only bad part was that I forgot to take the anual sombrero picture collage.  Ugh!  I have been doing this for a couple years (see here and here) I had the sombrero all ready and totally forgot.  Missed moments really upset this blogger. 
Mateo helped his papi open the gift from us.  A new grill (in Atlanta) and accessories. 

Later that night the Mateo and his cousin splashed around in the tub together.
An since we are talking about cuteness- here, Eleanor sips her virgin margarita in the breeze.  
We flew home Tuesday morning and I had an extra suitcase checked with more plants from my mom's garden.  There is a lot of space to plant in our new back yard:)

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