Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ohio Garage Sale Mania

The annual Navarre garage sales were this past weekend in Ohio.  What? Miss the sales because I am 8 months pregnant?  ha! Eight hours walking from sale to sale? No problem!
I wouldn't miss it!  I can't miss it, it an Arnold tradition. 

Ernesto was going to Vegas for a golf outing, so we went to the airport together and split from there.
I took our baby with me (obvs).  He loves grandma and grandpas house.  There is so much to get into.

We were outside a lot so he was either digging in the dirt or trying to get my dad to take him on the tractor/start the lawn mower.   There was also this classic push mower, which is coming to Atlanta for our tiny yard. I think we all know who will be taking care of the grass this year.

The weather for the yard sales was perfect.  Sunny and 70's.  There was a huge turnout too.  Where it is usually my mom, sister and I, this year there were many add-ons.
On a side note: boy do I look huge! 35 weeks pregnant and sale-ing...thats how I roll!  Amazingly, my ankles did not swell.

I had a really good day for "finds."
 As you can imagine, our van was packed with finds due to the amount of people.

A couple of my favorite things? 

Brass lion (LOVE!), milk glass vase ( I already planted succulents in it), a bird house, carved wood candlesticks from Mexico,  wind chimes......

 2 small terrariums, brass lantern, copper wind thingy, blown glass plant waterer, outdoor tablecloth. Oh...and plants, several succulents!

I didn't get Mateo too many new clothes this year, but he loves his new moto that his grandma bought for him.  He quickly figured out moving forward and back.  A tricycle will be mastered next. 
I flew home Sunday night and despite a 2 hour delay (due to weather) we had a good flight.  No napping, but at least all of his energy was happy!  His papi did not have good luck getting home from Vegas, but now we are all home and happy to be together again.  That was probably "the last trip" before baby.  It was a good one and now I am ready for one month of nesting.

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