Monday, May 07, 2012

A 40th Birthday Surprise Party!


After very little planning (imagine that!?) I managed to pull off a wonderful surprise party for Ernesto's 40th birthday.  Having a birthday on cinco de mayo is the best because people are ready to party!  My parents flew in on Friday and hid on the deck until I brought him out there to "show him a plant."  My mom jumped at him and he was definitely surprised.  He and my dad went golfing that night and my Brother Brrrian and his girl Kyja drove in from Asheville. 
The "plan" for his actual birthday:  Mateo got his papi a new golf shirt and then they played in the pool. 
 Ernesto golfed all day with his buddies.  I told him we had dinner reservations at 8p.  He arrived home at 7:15 and we were sitting on the deck waiting for him.  He came out to say hi and then everyone jumped out from under the deck and yelled SURPRISE!!
He was surprised again!  (Although he knew something was coming that night, he thought we were leaving the house for it.) 
The fun got started and it didn't let up until 1am!  All the party-goers smiled big for the camera.
Friends, tacos, beans, tequila, music, chocolate cake, a pi├▒ata, and cervezas = a great party! 
Thanks to everyone who brought a delicious appetizer and drinks! 
I love you mi amor, you still look HOT at 40!

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