Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Belly Comparison & Ultrasound Pics

Although this pregnancy has been a walk in the park, just like my first, there has been one difference.  While pregnant with Mateo,  Ernesto and I were in a serious workout regime (Crossfit) and unfortunately, now my "workouts" consist of a walk in the park.  Literally.  (and...walking is not a workout in my book)  Still, despite the lack of sweaty workouts, I feel really good, but probably a little more tired this time.  Its not like "I need a nap" kind of tired, I sleep plenty.  Just somethin' different.

I can blame it on the fact that Im running after a toddler or that Im 2 years older, but I know it is the lack of workouts.  Last time, I worked out and was busy doing stuff all day... but then sat around with my feet up too and slept a ton.  I don't remember being tired at all.  More workouts = more energy.  Period.

I have gained 16lbs so far which is right around where I was last time ....yet I feel heavier.  Again,  the workouts.  Workout = eat what you want = feel slim.  True.

For my week 25 belly shot,  I wore the same outfit as I wore every week during my first pregnancy...just to see if there is a big difference in how I look.  The pics are almost the same, but maybe my belly is a bit bigger??

Other similarities include this baby's liking to the Frank Breech position.  Last week I had another ultrasound.  Notice how the leg is straight up past the head in the pic below.  Yes, that is also how Mateo positioned himself two weeks before he was due.
Luckily, at this point the baby's position is a non-issue.  S/he weighs less than 3lbs and there is a lot of room for moving around.  In fact just a minute later, the leg was not up there anymore.

This picture is cute.  Look how the baby's mouth is open here.
Can't see it? Lean your head on your left shoulder and you will be looking at baby straight on. So cute.
We are going to get a 3D ultrasound too in a month or so.  I would hate for this baby to not have a 3D pic when Mateo did.  Everything must be fair and square from this point on.  Isn't that how it goes when you have more than one kid?  Haha!   Yeah, right!

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