Thursday, January 24, 2013

Updates from the West Coast....

Sorry for the absence folks, but we have been going non-stop since our bathroom flood a few weeks ago.  We finally got everything settled with our insurance and the renovation company.  Suprisingly, the whole process could not have been any easier.  Thank you State Farm and Noble Renovations! 

We picked out new hardwood floors, carpet and a whole new master bath...then we left for a long vacation!  It's going to be a regular "while you were out" adventure.  Let's hope everything gets done right!

Our trip started in Albuquerque to help my brother celebrate the end of  a very impressive career in the Air Force.  After being a pilot for 26 years, Tim is retired at age 44.  It was an emotional ceremony [for him and us] and I really could not be more proud of him.  On a side note, this guy is the craziest dude you will ever meet and can ramble off hilarious stories one after the other about his days in the military.   Im sure it is a bitter sweet time.

Of course his flying days aren't over.  He will be flying for American Airlines starting this spring and will be based out of Miami.  He will be just a short plane ride away from us in Atlanta, and who wouldn't want to visit their family in the Florida Keys?

We had a blast hanging out with him and his family for almost a week.  We cooked [Mexican] for two days in preparation for a big Air force blow out, complete with a keg of IPA and tazer guns.  I can't reveal the details/pictures for incrimination reasons, but it was a real hoot to observe [being the only sober one there].
{mountain wheelbarrow rides}
{making huevos with tio Tim}
Airports and flights these days are.....not what they use to be. Ha! One out of our three flights was unbelievably easy because Mateo fell asleep before takeoff and woke up as we landed.  The other two?  Not so much. He was all over the place.  Up and down, side to side. Im sorry mi amor, did you want to play golf on the ipad?  I don't think so.

Waiting in the airport is entertaining too.  Playing on escalators, talking to other passengers, grabbing magazines off the racks, helping the janitor sweep up....Mateo did it all.
 The best thing about flying though is that you can be freezing your butt off in a big winter coat in the morning and just a few hours later....naked in the sun!
 San Diego welcomed us with temperatures in the mid 70's.
 Mateo has been having a blast with his cousins.  He can't get enough of this wagon and has gotten his clothes wet more than once in Abuela's fountain.  It is so much fun throwing toys in the water and fishing them out. 
What are our plans while we are out here?   Fun in the sun, delicious food and workouts!
I ran a few miles yesterday for the first time in months and boy did it feel great to drip sweat.  My calves are sore today and I am loving it.  My year and a half of eating whatever I want and not working out is OVER.   It was fun while it lasted, but I am no longer breastfeeding and back on board with working out and cutting back on least until June.  I think I'll take another year off then:)

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