Monday, January 28, 2013

Decisions, Decisions on the House

We have been told that the renovation company began working on our house last week.   They first cleared all of our "contents" so they can have an empty house to work with.  I imagine it will be easier for them, but the thought of them packing all of our stuff [that was thrown all over the house] seems like such a huge job. Better them than me. 

We had quite a  few decisions to make before leaving Atlanta.  Honestly, I felt a little rushed, but Noble Renovations has been wonderful dealing with my indecisiveness and changes. It will be so nice to have everything new once we get home. We are planning to stay on our little vacation until everything is completed. 
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
I am hoping that my new hardwood floors look something like the above photos.  The darkest brown, with NO RED!  Yeah! One project on our list is to paint our kitchen cabinets white.  I love the contrast of the dark floors and white cabinet. What a difference it will make!

While the guys are in there doing construction, we asked them to wire the kitchen for 2 pendant lights to hang above the island/bar.  Problem is, I can't decide on which pendants.  I LOVE the ones in the first picture, but they are unfortunately way out of my price range.
I know I will find something cool...eventually.

Another add-on is the tile surround on the fireplace.  I was planning on doing this project myself, but asked them to give me a quote.  Turns out they decided they are going to "gift it" to us for being such easy going clients.  Just my luck! (haha Fred!)

I picked out carrara marble 1x2 mosaic tiles in a herringbone pattern.  It is going to be fabulous with our white mantel and grey walls.  Oh I can't wait!

The master bath was gutted, and I am totally happy about it.  I never really liked any of the tile choices in the house. They were new and "fine" but just not my style.  Because this is the bathroom where the water problem originated (the toilet overflowed and kept running) everything will be new...except the tub. 

I had daydreamed about changing our bath before the "flood."  Its a good size and could really be awesome.  BUT we really didn't want to put any money into a renovation.  We worked with the budget that the insurance company gave us and guess what?  It's going to be no cost to us!

We picked this porcelain tile for the floor of the bathroom.  Its is in 11 x 23 pieces and will be set staggered (I think).  I love how it is shaded and has so much depth.  Here it is shown on a wall looking very modern and sleek.
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Our old shower had tile walls and was pretty dark.  There was a glass door , but a really ugly one.  We are loosing the walls and it will hopefully have this look.  A glass surround, something like this.
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That will be so nice because we are also going to have the carrara herringbone tiles (like the fireplace) on the floor of the shower [only], so you will really be able to see them with through the glass.

The vanity has not been chosen yet, but I am on the hunt.  I would like two separate vanities, but if not, at least two separate mirrors instead of the big [no personality] mirror that covered the wall before.  The tile in the shower, around the tub and for the back splash will be 4 x 8 white subway tiles with a light gray grout, like this photo below. 

What else?  Oh, all the carpet (upstairs) will be replaced.   We picked a lighter (than we had) color berber carpet that has a little gray and black in it.  We wanted something durable that hopefully will still look good when we sell the house ...maybe in a couple years???


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