Sunday, August 19, 2012

Etagere score!!

I'm loving all the gold etageres (ie: open shelving) I have been spotting all over the blogosphere. Unfortunately, these go for thousands of dollars.....but a girl can dream, right?  These are my two favorites.
{via Candelabra}

{via Clayton Gray Home}
 Recently, I was filled with hope.   Ever since I saw this IKEA black metal shelf (only $70) hacked into gold etageres on Little Green Notebook (my favorite blog!) I have been thinking about where I could put these in my house.  Maybe I can afford one of these!!

Well, yesterday all this day dreaming stopped.   I wasn't going to go to this yard sale.  The sky was dark and it looked like rain.  But it was so close.....  Seven families,  just on the other side of the park?  How could I not go?  What treasures would I find?  I strapped my mexi-can in his stroller and we crossed our fingers in hopes it would be worth it.

Oh boy, am I glad I went!  Yes, we did get a bit wet, but amidst a see of baby gear and clothes I spotted this etagere with a sign saying "set of two for $30".  Oh my! 
When the girl saw me looking at them she said, "I'll take $20 for both if you want them."  Eh..What?  I didn't even have to ask for a lower price? (and you know I would have!)

SOLD!  Two very sturdy wood and metal etageres from Bombay Company for $20!
I paid for the shelves and walked home to get the car. Yeah!

I will probably have to change that wood color.  It is the same as our hardwoods, and as I have said before, I am not a fan of the red finish.  I was thinking white, keeping the metal gold, (of course!) but I kind of like the dark against my light gray walls. Hmm.  What do you guys think?
Like many other pieces of furniture I have, they will sit as is, until I decided their future.

One thing is for sure though:  I am so, so happy with this score!

In our dining area, there is a big window with 25" of wall space on either side.  The etageres are 24" wide!  Could they be any more perfect?  Just my luck [Fred].
I set them up last night and they instantly changed the feel of the room.  I can't wait to style them up!
Also on the horizon for the dining area is a new light! I purchased one from World Market, but Im still undecided whether it should go in dining area or in office/guest room.  More details and a picture coming soon!

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