Friday, May 25, 2012

Navarre Garage Sale Mania

Last Friday I was in Ohio for the annual Navarre town garage sales.  Every year my mom, sister and I anticipate the sales, we even have our favorite houses.  (we have no idea how they have good stuff year after year)
 When we went last year, I was pregnant and bought a lot of boys and girls clothes, (since I didn't know the sex of little Matiti)  and didn't find too much for myself.  However this year, I hit the jackpot for both of us!
My best find of the day?  These gorgeous barrel-back chairs.  They are in great shape, and although I love the velvet and it's in great shape, the color is not right.   These will be perfect in the bedroom with our upholstered headboard (once I get around to doing it!)

Before walking out the door the morning of the sales, my dad warned me not to buy anything that couldn't be checked on the airplane when I went home.  So at the first sale, what do I buy?  These chairs.  But.....but...but...they were only $5 each.  $10 for two vintage velvet chairs? Come on.   
"How could I not buy them?"  as my sister would say.
There seemed to be an abundance of gorgeous mirrors at the sales this year too. These were $3-$4 each.

The white one is going in my downstairs powder room, and the middle one Im going to paint for Mateo's room.  The gold one?  Not sure yet, but I will find a spot.  I love it! 

Other finds include a gazebo looking bird feeder for $1, a double [over the burners] griddle for $3, a bag of acrylic/watercolor painting supplies for $4 (and probably worth about $30) and a boatload of clothes for Matiti.  Ohio State wear that his papi loves and mama's favorite?  The royal blue corduroy overalls. OMG how cute!?  yep, $1.  Oh the Kenneth Cole gray winter vest is pretty awesome too.  $1  The green Gap sweater jumper?  $1.  Ok, you get the picture, I made out like a bandit.
We were "saleing" from 8am to almost 5pm.  Yes, we are diehards!  It was great girl time, I love this tradition we have had going for years.   The addition of a little baby in the group didn't slow us down either.  I sat in a shade spot and fed him while the others walked ahead to the next sale. He relaxed in his stroller took it all in, and took a few naps too.

Although not at the garage sales, I got a deal of the century at Marc's, this little store by my mom that has miscellaneous closeouts and groceries.  Well, the last two times I was there they had a ton of Target home goods.   I found this Missoni crib bumper for.....wait for it..... $3.99!!!  ha!
 Its beautiful soft cotton, with a chevron pattern on one side and an abstract design on the other.  I just love the colors.  Yes, I know I have a son, but you never know, maybe we will have a little girl someday:)  For $3.99, "how could I not?"  

Are you a bargain hunter? Do you garage sale, yard sale, tag sale, and/or go to thrift stores?
Well, then you understand the excitement of "the hunt" and walking away with a good deal.

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