Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garage Sale Queens?

I don't think I will ever be able to top my mom or sister as garage sale queens, but I sure as heck tried this past Friday at the annual town garage sales in Navarre, Ohio. 
It seems everyone in this cute, beautifully landscaped little town is involved with the sales and the churches open and offer lunches with home made bakes goods to "sale-ers."

It is an all around great time [if you are into thrifting].  I LOVE the thrill of "the hunt" and the rush that comes with finding a diamond in the rough (with furniture) or quality clothing pieces for pennies on the dollar of the original cost.  You never know what you may find, but one thing is guaranteed, I always have a great time hanging out with my sister and mom.

I have to say that if I was not pregnant, this years' sales may have been a bit disappointing.  The only thing that I bought for myself was a beautiful vintage Italian leather purse ($2).  So nice, right?
Ok, I also bought a dress... out of pure necessity.  It was hot as Haiti that day and I had made the mistake of wearing black leggings. ugh!.  The dress was definitely worth the $3 that I paid for it.  I was MUCH cooler walking around the rest of the day and my belly looked so cute in it, I think it will be a summer favorite!
{** Please forgive me for the HORRIBLE pictures that follow}
 Luckily, I am pregnant and I hit the jackpot at these sales!  No, I do not know the sex of our baby, but who cares with prices like this?  It was so fun buying anything you want and not worry about prices.  I just bought cute little outfits for boys and girls.  All of the outfits look brand new or close to it (one criteria I have for buying used clothes) and they are cutie-cute!!  My mom and sister also bought for the little mexi-mouth, and when we got home the whole kitchen table was covered with itty bitty clothes!  Too fun!
 I have always been more of a thrifter/Craigslister in Atlanta than a garage "sale-er," but I think I will start looking them up.  So many deals, so little time.  Once we find a house, I will really be able to start raking in the deals! 

Before flying back to Atlanta, I visited with my family and had a cookout.   Barbie and I got to compare bellies again and we were both surprised to see how much our bellies had grown in the few weeks since we had seen each other for Easter.
{Cindy - 21 weeks and Barbie 15}
Oh the difference 6 weeks can make!


  1. you look so beautiful. glowing!!

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