Monday, March 12, 2012

Trip to IKEA

I love Do you feel like the most unorganized person after leaving there? I know I do. I am so inspired to change every time I go!

We had a list of things to pick up for my sister in law and several things to buy for our home.  Problem was, we only had about one hour and, if you have been inside IKEA, you know that it is almost impossible to get through in less than two.

First on the list...curtains.  I can only imagine what all the neighbors have seen through our [uncovered] windows in the last 6 months.  I thought maybe I would sew the curtains myself, but after spending over 4 hours in Fabric World and not finding the right fabric, I turned to Ikea's MERETE curtains. At $25 a pair, it would be hard to make these for less.
MERETE curtains
 I'm so pleased with the quality of these. Also, I didn't realize how nice the grommet style is.  When you open them they create perfect folds.  The white looks beautiful and fresh against my gray walls.

The back door in the kitchen is a solid window and I love how lets in so much light.  At night though, it would be nice to know that you can't see in.  This ENJE roller blind is awesome for just that.  It actually still lets light in, and is see-through to the outside, but from the outside you can't see in.  Privacy for $18.  Not bad.  It matches the gray paint I put on the door too.
ENJE roller blind

I have a lot of artwork that has never been hung or even framed.  I wanted to take care of at least one picture I have for Mateo's room.  It's called Maternidad by famous Ecuadorian artist Guayasamin.
It will fit perfectly in this 19 x 27 RIBBA frame.  Simple gallery style for $20.  I bought white.
{RIBBA frame}
I saw these dog butt hooks and could not resist.  Take one guess at which color I chose.
BASTIS hooks
I have seen so many creative ways to display kids books, but I am still stuck on this picture I saw a year ago using picture ledges.
I was going to buy some at Ikea.  I would like to have 4 shelves.  They were $10, so $40.
When I saw them, I thought...Ernesto can make those.  Really,  I could make them.  Just 3 pieces of wood to nail together, sand and paint. Easy!  Anyhoo, I bought the wood and had it cut at Lowes yesterday and it only cost me $11 for 4 shelves.  I'll share them with you...just as soon as they are done.

Another thing that I went to Ikea for, but didn't have time to find and pick up [during our short trip] was the RAST dresser.  There are so many make-overs out there for this plain dresser.  It is solid wood, and perfect size for a nightstands and cost.....wait for it..... $35!!  

RAST dresser

Here is one of my favorites DIY's

I bought two of these JARA shades for my grandma's vintage lamps, but they didn't work.  Ikea does have a HUGE version of this shade that would look really nice over the dinner table.  I thought I could paint the inside gold and hang it from a pendant with a ceiling medallion.  I have had my heart set on this huge drum shade from Crate & Barrell, but can't pull the trigger with the $200 price.  It is just a lamp shade after all...surely I can find something cheaper.  I may buy this one and see how it works.
JARA shade

Do you guys love Ikea too??

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