Friday, March 16, 2012

[Before & After} Furry Footstool

Last year I went "shopping" in my mom and dad's basement. Remember the vintage chairs I got reupholstered? Besides those, I found an old, outdated globe for Mateo's room and this hideous footstool.
It was my grandpa's, so that part is great!  The fabric? Not so great.  It really shows its age wouldn't you say? 
Anyhoo, my parents brought it to our house and it sat in the extra bedroom for ohhhh, about 6 months.  Until I saw a picture on pinterest where someone used a flokati rug to recover an ottoman.  And I thought- Wait!  I have one of those in the garage!  It is probably 13 years old.  In fact, I think I would have tossed it had I not found this redo-idea.   (Incidentally, I followed the picture back to a blog called The Brick House. It's hilarious, I love her she seems to be addicted to someone else I know...hmmm. check out her finds-they are ridiculous!) 

It was quite dirty.  I tossed it in the washer and also dried it in the dryer.  I knew it would shrink, but I didn't care since I was about to cut it up.

Even after the washer I had to vacuum and brush it.  Evidence of a couple [black] dog-sitting weekends last year were still buried in this thing.  I don't want to mention any names.
 After I got it looking pretty good, I grabbed Ernesto's staple gun, some 14mm staples and got to it.
 This process took me all of 15 minutes.  Crazy fur is very forgiving.  Even the corners were easy.
 If only all upholstery projects were this easy.
 I think it is pretty great!  What do you think?
I don't know where this thing is going yet, but it sure looks cool and I love that it cost me $0 to make!!  That's what I'm talkin' about!  Nester-the tester liked it for it's functionality.  Practicality. Yes, there is a purpose to my madness. 
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  1. ooh i love love it! so furry and fun!
    is that rug fro overstock by any chance? the orange onei mean... i am in the market for a new rug and considering one from overstock like that.

  2. Hi Cassie! the rug is a west elm "talim" that I scored on Craigslist. I know the one you are talking about on looks really nice...probably softer than mine too:)

  3. This is a piece after my heart! I love the fur! I definately want a piece similar to this in my house one day! I featured your stool today!

  4. Awesome!! Love it, it's so cool!!

  5. ummm this is awesome! Clever, functional and fun

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