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Remember this POS campaign dresser that I found on Craigslist back in October?  Here is the original CL picture.
I was so excited when I found it as I had been stalking one for a while.  It was listed for just $15. (though I paid and extra $25 for delivery) 
Let me just say that the picture, although ugly, made this thing look like a gem compared to what it looked like in person.  It was in horrible shape!  Scratches/gauges everywhere but I saw the potential. I was chided by both my husband and my dad for buying it.

They now eat their words.
 It is GORGEOUS right? I am so happy with it!

After much debate, I decided on a Martha Stewart paint called palmetto. 
I was inspired by this picture I found on Pinterest
First of all a special thanks goes out to my friend Amanda for getting me started on this project! She started me off by removing all of the hardware.  We then filled in all the gashes and nicks with Elmers Wood Filler.  We gave it a quick sanding and slapped on a couple coats of Zinsser oil-based primer. 

Because I didn't want to mess with cleaning brushes with mineral spirits, I used a foam roller and it was covered in a jiffy. 

Already it was starting to look better.  Then I opened the paint can....ahhhhhh
Again, using a foam roller, I applied 3 thin coats of paint.
I was very happy with the color, but it just wasn't shiny enough.  I though a protective topcoat would be a good idea anyway, so when my mom suggested I use a glossy polyurethane I ran out to Lowes to pick some up.
 This stuff is awesome!  It goes on like glass and for $10 a quart was well worth the cost.  (I have plenty left over for other projects.)

The only thing left was the finishing jewelry.  The hardware!
Unfortunately after scrubbing it with Bar Keepers Friend, I discovered that the handles were not brass, but stainless steel.  The corners were brass but were very scratched up.  Spray paint to the rescue!  I ended up returning 2 cans [with the same exact cap color] before finding the right color.  Rustoleum's Metallic Gold was the closest to brass, but it wasn't until I added a coat of polyurethane that they really looked authentic.
 And there you have it!! What do you think?? One more time, here is the before:

Here is the after:

I'll have to show you some pics after I style it up.  It is in my bedroom and I am still working on my inspiration board.  Im so glad I have this to work in the design.  Not bad for less than $50 right?

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  1. I love campaign furniture, and your dresser turned out amazing! Love the color. I recently painted a campaign dresser; check it out at

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the color and the surprise paper inside the drawers!! Nicely done!

  3. Love how this came out. Nice work!

  4. Wow!! I have been looking for a dresser just like that! You did a beautiful job and chose the perfect color!

  5. You did a fantastic job!

  6. STUNNING!!!!!! i adore campaign dressers! i did one last summer in a light gray aqua and sold it and so regret it- LOVE the color you used!

  7. Wow, great project! I LOVE it and am your newest follower! Tabitha@

  8. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! That is quite an amazing color.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  10. I love paint, and the color your chose looks great! Thanks for sharing at MM ;-)

  11. Love it. What a makeover. I'm working on a campaign style tray at the moment and I have to say those corner bits are a real pain! Thanks for sharing, liz

  12. that looks fabulous! i loove the color and the easy fix of spraypainting the hardware.

  13. That is the lined drawers! Glad I found another great blog to follow. Please stop by and follow back, so we can keep in touch. Lori

  14. WOW! That is stunning!! I bet they are eating there words!!! Absolutley LOVE the color with the hardware!

  15. The colors are beautiful. Your inspiration picture is quite lovely too.

  16. I love your project and about to start something similar. Do you just pitch your foam roller after the primer? Or is there a way to clean it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Emily! thanks for stopping by! I just tossed the foam roller because my primer was oil based. If you use latex paint you can wash the roller out with water, however if you do use oil based you will have to use mineral spirits to clean up. Those rollers are pretty cheap, so I thought it was easier to buy a few extra. good luck, i would love to see your finished project.

  17. I believe you have to be kind of an artist to paint such furniture. I travelled to Argentina a few years ago and I was staying in a buenos aires apartment near the "Flee Market" in the neighbourhood of Chacarita, where many furniture (tables, chairs, desks, etc.) are restored and they look like new-. Besides, prices there are super low!


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