Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Score on Craigslist!

Happy Monday all!  Hope you had a great weekend.  Ours was fantastic! Yesterday morning I perused Craigslist over coffee, something I do regularly.  I searched "large area rug" and "wool rug" but didn't really see anything of interest. In the afternoon I got a text from my friend Amanda telling me to check my email. What I found was a link to this CL ad: .
$75 for a 9x12 wool rug?? I immediately wrote to the person to say that I wanted it. This is one of the styles I had been debating to buy on Rugsusa for 3 times the price.  Because a professional cleaning for a rug this size is not cheap, I asked if he would sell it for any less.  He said $50.  Done and done!  Sometimes you just have to ask. 

ps. The ad said Pottery Barn, but this is West Elm's "taksim tile rug" and retailed for $699. 
Bottom line....Craigslist is awesome.  My addiction of stalking really pays off when I find deals like this one.  Consequently (or just my luck?) the guy we bought this from was moving to Netherlands and ended up giving us a rocking chair and a few kids toys for free.  The rocking chair is not my style, but we are going to take the wood rockers and attach them to my leather club chair. How perfect!

Ps. A lot is getting done this week on the homefront! My parents are here this week and they are workhorses. (in a good way) I have a lot to share with regards to progress on the house.  There was even an exciting little construction project that happened today.  
Pictures and deets to come!

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  1. Holy cow! What a bargain! You're an Atlanta blogger - will you be attending Rhoda's I <3 Thrifting day this weekend with the rest of us? Here is the link:


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