Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Mateo: Week Two

Querido Mateo,
We can't believe you are two weeks old already.  You astonish us with your cuteness every day.  We can't stop kissing you.  What a sleeper you are too!  More nights than not, you only wake up twice to feed and get your diaper changed, something your papi loves to do:)  Breastfeeding is getting a lot easier and after eating you will usually drift off to sleep some again.

We are all moved into our new house (although not quite settled) and loving our narrow, low traffic street.  It is so quiet here.  At night we can hear  the crickets when Im feeding you, it's so relaxing. We have met four of our neighbors and they are all great.  Black, white, Asian, Hispanic and gay...love the diversity...and love that you will be raised in the middle of a diverse environment.

Your tio Bill flew in for 24 hours just to meet you.  Isn't that sweet?  
He and your tia Barbie are having a baby in a few weeks so you will not be the youngest cousin for long!  We took advantage of the beautiful day and walked around our new neighborhood.  The stroller puts you right to sleep.
We stopped at a cute place for lunch called Dakota Blue and ate outside....We are so happy this is our neighborhood!  You are going to love it here too! 

Im sorry to keep going on about this.....but could you get any cuter?
After your first sponge bath, your papi wrapped you tight.  OMG that face!  I think we are going to keep you forever!
We love you very much,
mama y papi



  1. Congrats. I've been out of the loop & missed you had you gorgeous boy ;)

  2. what a little doll. I miss him already.you better move to Ohio. love you all, Mom


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