Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mateo: Week Three

Querido Mateo,
You are the sweetest thing ever! You are such a good baby.  Duerme. Come. Popo  (eat. sleep. poop) It's pretty easy to decode your cries when you only have a few needs. Your papi and I love all your little squeals and cute faces.  After three weeks of working together, we finally have the breastfeeding down (although I wish your suction was a little less) and I enjoy seeing you so content while eating.
You love that little pacifier the nurses gave you in the hospital.   I bought one that is supposed to be shaped more like a "mothers nipple" but you have no interest in it.  I was fearful that it would interfere with your learning to breastfeed, but you have proved to be a very smart baby.   Even with your papi feeding you bottles [of my breastmilk] you are happily eating from the breast.   I guess you know where that milk is coming from!
We took you with us to the doctor to show you off to all the ladies who helped us when I was pregnant.  I never got to say thank you to Dr. Lemon for doing such a great job with my c-section.  She delivered you safely and quickly.  We will be eternally grateful.  Even though your were sound asleep, she wanted to hold you for a bit.
She looked at my cut and said it was healing wonderfully.  I agree!  You can barely see it.  (It is still a tiny bit swollen, but Im told this will go away.) Your mama looks almost back to normal, but I know there is still some internal healing that needs to happen, so I will still be taking it easy.  I will continue taking you on walks though, don't worry!
Friday morning when your mama went out to give a lighting estimate, your papi called me and said that you guys had a surprise for me when I got home.  What was it?
Your umbilical cord fell off when your papi was changing your diaper.  So exciting! You can take a bath now. We saved it and will put it in your baby book for you to marvel over when you are older:)

Friday night, your tio Brrrian came from Asheville with his girlfriend Kyia.  He was very excited to meet you and even wore you around the house in the moby wrap. *by the way, all pictures were taken with my phone, so they are not great.
Sunday morning, in what I think will become a weekend tradition for us, we walked over to Grant Park for the local farmers market.  Its so cute!  There are great vendors and so many little kids are there, you are going to make lots of friends in this neighborhood Mateo.

We also walked over to Historic Oakland Cemetery.  This was the first time we had been there and I was pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous it was.   The hills and beautiful landscaping make it feel like a stroll in the park.
You slept the whole time while your papi carried you in the Ergo Carrier, you love that thing! I love how cute your papi looks carrying you too!
You are going to love your tio, he is so much fun, he'll definitely make you laugh a lot.  Here your tio Brrrian walks in the cemetery like a zombie. 
These three weeks have flown by...you consume our day and we love it!  We love YOU Mateo! 
mama y papi
{morning lounging}
{morning cuddles with papi}

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