Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Campaign Dresser Love & Craigslist Find!

If you frequent any design blogs, I am sure you are familiar with the current craze of campaign furniture.   

Campaign furniture, as implied by its name, is portable furniture that was designed for use in military campaigns. Designed to be easily transported during military operations,  Often, it was built in separate parts so as to be more mobile, and the pieces were made of durable woods like mahogany and teak. ~ Apartment Therapy

It all started with this one that I saw in Lonny
{via Lonny}
Search "campaign dresser" in Google images and a colorful array of DIY dressers pop up. I'm talkin' serious inspiration!
{via Apartment Therapy}

I added this furniture to my Craigs [stalking] list and low and behold, a few weeks later this dresser popped up for a mere $15!  
The dimensions were perfect for our bedroom.  We need drawers, and a place for our TV opposite the bed.  Done!  Problem was that the seller was an hour drive from Atlanta! UGH!  I aksed them to meet me half way for $20 and convinced my dad [who was in town visiting] to drive south with me!  Yes, yes, my mind was spinning, what color will I paint it?  I can't believe I found such a deal! 

When the seller showed up with the dresser I knew I was in trouble.  Let me put it this way, this piece looks like it had been drug through several wars and campaigns, probably dismantled several times as well.  (gashes, chips and the back corner torn off) My dad thought I was crazy, and honestly, I had serious doubts too, but I bought it anyway.  

When we pulled up to the house with the dresser in the back of the truck, Ernesto immediately said I was banned from Craigslist.  WHY would you buy this POS?  I showed him my inspiration photos and said  " I swear I can make it pretty!"  He said,  "you have 2 weeks or I'm tossing it."

Needless to say, I had better get to work!  Details of the transformation to follow! 
I am thinking orange!  What color would you paint it?

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