Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wow! It's really in there!

Ernesto and I met our doctor this week for the first time and we loved her! Whew!  Dr. Lemon is very personable/friendly and she seems very relaxed and easy going.  Just like us!  She answered all of our questions and was not in a rush to leave us.
Another reason we liked her because she gave us this:
Today your papi and I finally got a little peek of you.  We can't believe you are actually real.  You have been so peaceful and haven't given your mama any discomfort whatsoever.

Dr. Lemon said you must be a good sleeper because you were not making a move when she turned on "the light."  We watched your little heart beating with huge smiles on our faces.  We giggled as the Dr. jiggled my stomach and woke you up.  You started kicking and waving your tiny hands at us.  Hi Little Mouth, we are excited to see you too!!

We were in awe as we walked home from the doctors office.  Just 183 more days until we meet you.  This  Chinese Birth Chart (which claims to be 90% accurate) says that you are a boy, but we know either way you will be one big surprise!! 
Te queremos mucho,
mama y papi


  1. One of the sweetest posts that I have ever read. Congratulations.

  2. OMG baby has a little facey face!!!!!

  3. a real little peanut!!!!


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