Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello from San Diego!!

sweet kitty?
From past experience, I thought Titi would be fine on the plane with me.  He had already flown to Ohio once, and had endured many road trips.  I was traveling by myself Thursday evening and luckily I snagged a seat in first class.   I would have slept soundly the whole way (as I often do on flights) if it wasn't for a crying little kitty.   Titi attracted attention from the other passengers and it wasn't good.  A few people came to see what kind of "animal" I had in my little kennel as the noises he was making did not seem like those of a cat.  I did what I could to calm him down as the plane raced for take off.  Was this preparation for what is coming later this year?  A crying baby on a long flight??  Yikes!

I felt helpless and because you are not able to take your pet out of the kennel during flight,  it was very hard to console him.  After take off I slid the kennel out from under the seat and set it on my lap.  From there I squeezed my hand in the side zipper and pet Titi for the next 4 hours.  I was able to doze off when he [finally] relaxed only to have the flight attendant tell me it was time to prepare for landing and the kennel had to go back under the seat. Not good!  Titi went into a rage and I thought he was going to bust through the fabric.  Thank god the guy next to me was a pet lover.

Titi may not be a good flier, but I have to give him props for adaptability!  This kitty doesn't mind at all visiting new places.  In fact, he seems to love the adventure and exploration that come with a new environment, just like his mama and papi!

Titi is loving the fenced yard at Ernesto's parents and has [not surprisingly] figured out the one hole that will let him escape to the school playground just behind it.
On thing that has suprised me is that mi suegra loves my kitty!  (that's right dad!)  She (along with all the other Espinoza's) are not pet people but she loves Titi. 

Ernesto arrived on Saturday.  I wanted to come a couple days early to be sure not to miss Adrianna's (his twin sisters) baby shower.  She is due April 4th and has to be one of the most beautiful and glamorous pregnant girls I've seen. 
The shower was so sweet largely in part to the delicious cake. White with strawberry and cream layers. Mmmmm  Oh and....she is having a girl as scripted on the cake!
It was great seeing everyone, and like every get together here, there were lots of pictures taken.  Here are all the sister-in-laws.
Me, Adrianna, Veronica, Beth, Erin
 Not to steal Adrianna's thunder, but I did get quite a bit of attention from all the tias and sobrinas for my tummy.  We did a little comparison.
Haha!  [Almost] April Fools!  My belly is not that big, it is just my little trick.  Come on, I am only 14 weeks!  I do have a current belly shot coming to VivaCindy, and yes you can see that my 4-6 pack is slowly but surely fading away.........

It was fun shopping for a baby gift, and since I am partial to stripes these days, I got her these two adorable outfits.  Also the book (pictured right) will be a beautiful documentary of the little niƱas first years.  Congratulations hermana!

** due to limited internet access (ie: at the bookstore only) posts may be spuratic in the coming weeks.


  1. poor teters! Glad you have settle in though, I miss you on g-chat. That cake looks amazing!!

  2. you should have checked that kitty


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