Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Internet = Productivity?

Well, it is not by choice, but my internet access has been very limited during our San Diego visit.  At first I was bummed, but soon realized that there was something else I could be doing as I drink my morning cup of coffee  [other than blogging and reading blogs].  I sit at the kitchen table with my journal, write down what I dreamed the night before (I rarely forget them) and sketch out a couple Zafiro designs, then I....wait for it......make them!!
I have been so productive!  Even since our trip to the Tucson Gem Show, I have not wanted to even look at gems, but I needed to get inspired again.  I have two Zafiro Jewelry shows coming up this month:  Delta Museum Sale on April 14th (at the Delta campus where I used to work) and then the huge annual  Inman Park Festival.  I have done this show in the past and it was great.  Actually,  it was the first show I ever participated in and that crowd gave me the confidence to start selling my jewels.  Im happy to say I will be set up again this year with a new collection.  I will post my booth location closer to the show which runs April 30-May 1.  My sister is coming in from Ohio to help with the show and also get in some needed girl time, so I am looking forward to that.

In other news:  Ernesto's sister had her baby yesterday and she is a beauty! 
Emotions (ie: crying sobbing) overwhelmed me when I walked in and saw Adrianna holding the [still unnamed] little one.  This was my third crying episode this week.  The previous two were totally inexplicable, but Im pretty sure this had something to do with the fact that I will be lying in that bed in another 6 months.  Also, the last time I had seen such a new-newborn was 20 years ago when my sister had Kelli.  It was amazing to see this precious tiny baby swaddled in her blanket.  Peacefully sleeping, she only stirred when we peeled back her hat a couple times to see the full head of curly dark brown hair.   She is so gorgeous, it was hard to believe she had just been born 2 hours earlier.  Congratulations to Adrianna and Jorge!! I hope we can compete, haha, just kidding!

A few other highlights of our trip so far:
  • Lunch at the Corvette Diner
  • Climbing Cowles Mountain
  • Dinner at Dumpling House (the best Chinese I have ever eaten)
  • Running on Coronado Beach
  • Sunday morning menudo with the extended Espinoza family 
  • Many, many games of Hand and Foot with los padres
  • Crossfit and more running
  • Training Titi to come inside with the ringing of a bell
  • Day trip to Julian, California, a quaint little mountain town all about apples (apple pie was a must!)
  • A driving tour of homes in La Jolla
  • Delicious home cooked Mexican food by mi suegra
We have another week in San Diego then it's back to the grind of Atlanta. haha!  Well, I do have two jewelry shows, thank you very much.  Plus, my dear friend Lucy has hooked me up with a part time job at the studio where she teaches yoga.  More details to come, but I am happy that I will be able to go to unlimited yoga classes at the studio.  Perfect for this pregnant girl!  

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  1. well that is a beautiful babe! i can't wait to see you beautiful jewels!!


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