Sunday, July 18, 2010

Biking San Diego

Sometimes getting an "early start" isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Saturday morning Ernesto wanted to leave early on our long bike ride so we could get back early.   We would ride a loop that goes from his parents house in Paradise Hills to the Silver Stand to Coronado.  There we would take the ferry from Coronado to downtown San Diego and back to the house.  About 30 miles in total.   3 hours tops with a few stops to take in the views.
Like a lot of things in life, you have to "roll with it."  If things don't go as planned, take a minute to breathe and decide what you can do to get around the problem.  This is what we did when we got our first flat tire.  Neto pulled out the patch kit and pumped his tire back up.  Good as new!
NOT!  A few miles after the "fix" we heard a little pop........flat again.  This time we called Ernesto's dad for a ride to a bike shop to buy a new tube.  OK, now we were on our way. 
We rode by the mountains of salt at the South Bay Salt Works Factory, the second oldest business in San Diego.   Right there is the entrance to the Silver Strand along the bay.  It is an 8 mile paved path to Coronado and such an enjoyable ride. 
Until.....flat tire number 3.  This time it was my tire.  WTH!?
With about 2 more miles on the trail to reach Coronado, we pulled over and Ernesto took rode ahead to buy a new tube while I walked with my flat tire.  I didn't even care.  I turned on my ipod and enjoyed my walk.  What is there really to be upset about?
Ernesto got back to me within 30 minutes or so and we continued on.    I snapped a few pics of some houses that I would not mind living in.  Someday I need to walk in this neighborhood and take more pics.  Coronado living is the "American dream" type of place. 
All that and just a few steps away from the water.  We made our way to the ferry along the trail. 
The tickets are $3.75 for the 15 minute ride to downtown. 
We debated hopping on the trolley to cut some of the miles home, but instead decided we needed a break at BASIC , a converted warehouse that specializes in thin crust pizza y beer.  We parked the bikes inside and ordered a pizza with bacon and basil and a couple IPA's. 
 I must say after all the pizza, salad and beer my tummy was full.  The thought of another 15 miles on the bike seemed like too much, but it was beautiful out and wanted to finish it.  I felt really good afterward. What could have been a 3 hour trip turned into 8! haha.  Roll with it baby!


  1. YOU two...sounds like a nice day anyway, esp the thin crust pizza part - wish I could have joined you, hope I see you this milennium :)


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