Sunday, March 08, 2009

Getting Creative with an Easter Egg Tree

I have a list of creative projects so long that I will take me forever to get to them all. (Yes, I am just like my mother) I wanted to start (and ideally finish) something this weekend.
Project #1 Coloring Easter eggs and making a tree
Coloring Easter eggs has always been a tradition in my family. Its a fun time. We make solid colors, but also we write things on the eggs with a little wax candle that makes each other laugh. Nicknames, little sayings of my dad. It's always about humor in my family. The more silly it is - the better. Well, this year I will miss out on that activity at my parents house, but I still wanted to color my own batch of eggs here in Costa Rica.
"Yellow and blue make green." Do you remember what brand made that famous? Well I was so happy I remembered it. I only had to buy yellow and blue food coloring so I could make my favorite yellow, blue and green eggs.
It was
Glad by the way.The process was not as fun as if I was in my mom's kitchen, since I was coloring them alone. (Ernesto was home, but on a business Skype to CA) I was also making us steak sandwiches for dinner at the same time.I must say though, that the colors turned out more beautifully than I expected.I always think of my Aunt Bobbie when coloring Easter eggs. She puts together an Easter egg tree every year. I had been thinking about this since Christmas. During a walk in the park, I picked up some nice branches that inspired me to get started. This was the fun part! It really looks great against my white walls. Don't you think? My Aunt Bobbie has her tree in a gorgeous turquoise vase that was my grandma's. So special. I have mine in a wine bottle. Not so special. Re-purpose and recycle, right? I'm excited I will get to enjoy cheery display for the next month, maybe longer. I may not want to take it down after Easter. It really makes me smile. Do you like it? What Easter decorations, if any, do you like to use?

Project #2 Not yet ready for viewing, but should be coming your way this week.


  1. Cindy, as an art teacher, I truly hope that a sandwich bag commercial is not your primary source for color theory. Here's a question, what colors do you need to make turquoise?

  2. Cindy, I got dad to use his account so I could comment on your BEAUTIFUL eggs. Happy Easter! I might just bring out my Easter decorations a little early. love Mom.


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