Monday, March 02, 2009

4 Healthy, Delicious and Easy Meals

**This post dedicated to my brother Brrrrrian who is looking for some good recipes.

I love Ernesto for so many reasons. One of them is his adventure and talent in the kitchen. (among other places-HA!) He makes my dinner time exciting. It goes like this: Ernesto picks a recipe, we go to the grocery store to buy the ingredients (including a bottle of wine) and enjoy cooking together. This has always been our routine, actually our #1 hobby since we met. One of the best resources for good recipes is
Eating Well. This week we have made 3 new recipes from there and they were all good enough to recommend to you. All were ready in under one hour. You trust me right? If you are thinking of what to make for dinner tonight, consider one of these.

Wok-Seared Chicken & Vegetables (Kadhai murghi)
This dish uses turmeric and has a definite Indian flavor.
Beef Tataki
This recipe has a dressing of soy sauce, scallions and ginger that you pour over the meat and vegetables. Ernesto added minced jalapenos to add some heat. (a requirement in every dish we cook)

For this meal we only used a recipe for the roasted potatoes. Ernesto pan seared the top sirloin and topped with blue cheese. The spinach I sauteed with fresh garlic and added salt and pepper.
So simple. So healthy. So delicious.
Sunday night's dinner was a favorite of mine. Machaca. Its an easy Mexican dish where meat (usually beef) has been well-cooked, shredded then cooked again in its juices until the desired consistency is achieved. It is often served in tacos or burritos. Ernesto was able to pull this one together sans recipe. (See details below) I whipped up a hot salsa, we were eating in no time. Its the best when you have left overs. Throw it together with scrambled eggs like we did this morning. Delish!

Neto's Machaca
1/2 pound beef roast or top sirloin
1 large tomato
2 med onion
several cloves garlic
salt and pepper to taste

Boil meat with several cloves garlic and one onion until tender. Take out to cool. Shred meat.
Blacken several whole jalapenos in a pan -then chop. Add chopped tomato and onion to pan. Saute for several minutes until saucy. Add shredded beef.
Warm tortillas in a pan and wrap machaca.
So. Damn. Good.

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