Sunday, March 15, 2009

El Festival de Verano Transitarte

While living in Atlanta I had many online resources for finding out what is going on in the city. Daily Candy, Access Atlanta, Atlanta Entertainment. There are a few blogs that are informative, but I find the best info is in the local newspaper. Either that or I talk to friends who read the newspaper. Diana told us about San Jose's annual Festival de Verano Transitarte in Parque Morazan downtown. The festival is organized by the Municipality of San Jose with the goal of re-infusing the country’s capital with art and culture.  Actually the festival lasted three days, stretched between four parks and included literary readings, crafts, live concerts, visual and urban art, workshops and even a boxing championship. I think it was was one of the best cultural events I have seen in San Jose.

Although I didn't know any of the bands playing (mostly local rock) they were really good.  They had the best venue, a beautiful dome in the middle of the park, called the Templo de Musica, funny enough.  We got there at 5p, so it was still light out.  The jacaranda trees are in full bloom here (see purple flowers) making a perfect backdrop for the stage.  
 We met Diana and Samir 
As the sun went down, the lights on the stage changed colors.  
New band. New color.
My favorite part was a performance by the French group called Puce Muse.   They have been well known in France for 20 years, and put on a show of lights and music.  This is their first performance in all of Latin America. Way to go Costa Rica!
They created a one hour light show on the Edeficio Metalico, a building constructed in 1856 of cast iron sheets that were shipped in from Europe. Here is what the building looks like during the day.  It's an elementary school, can you imagine?   [this photo by Talavan]
I know we have all seen a light show, but this was a bit different, the lights and the music were controlled by 25 trained "musicians" with...Joysticks. Its called "Meta-Instrument" On their website they describe it as 'Live Visual Virtual Music'.
I describe it as trippy.
It was awesome and so precise, a science really.  Each person was controlling a part of the show with their joystick. All in perfect sync.
They even spelled out words and created pictures. It says CERRAR (to close)
Unfortunately, I didn't see this blog until yesterday.  It listed the 3 day schedule for the festival.  It turns out my favorite salsa band Son de Tikizia played an outdoor concert Friday night. Ugh!  We missed it.  Salsa dancing under the stars.  Oh well, next time.

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