Friday, November 28, 2008


Even though I really missed being with my family (y Neto) this year, I had a really nice Thanksgiving. This was actually the 3rd year in a row that I have not been with my family (or Neto) to celebrate. (I was in India the past 2 and now here in Costa Rica). Good thing about being here in CR (ie: Gringoland) so many people I know are American and wanted to eat turkey! Unfortuately CR grocery stores know this as well, and put a price tag on a turkey of $70! WHAT THE HELL?
My friend Lauren introduced me to this website for free ecards and I ended up laughing my ass off with her. These were a couple of my Thanksgiving favorites. They have every holiday/occasion and they are sarcastic, politically incorrect and/or offensive! If you want to laugh, just start browsing. (the "workplace" section is hysterical)
Luckily I was not in charge of the turkey! I was making my delicious brussel sprouts with sour cream, but couldn't find the main ingredient (not a very popular vege here) so I improvised with broccoli.
(ps. that is powder in my hair, I am not that grey...yet!) Cook the bacon, saute the blanched brussel sprouts in a bit of the bacon grease (or broccoli in this case) add sour cream, salt and pepper. DELISH!! I was also in charge of making the brown sugar meringe for the ginger pumkin pie, which entailed standing at the counter with the hand mixer for 10 minutes....See what a good multitasker I am?
The girls came over to have a bottle of wine and help with finishing our pies....and to steal my jewelry. I love the FREE publicity!! Thank you to my biggest fans in Costa Rica: Lauren, Maureen and Kate!!Here is Kate and our Hostess with the most-est.....they were carving the deliciously juicy turkey! Thanks again Steph! You really made it a great holiday!
Although this next pic is way too romantic (ie: forgot the flash) you get an idea of what a beautiful spread we had.
Speaking of spread......I was quite full at the end of the night.No- Im not pregnant, and yes I did dance some salsa after dinner, so my stomach was back to "normal" at the end of the night....midnight!

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