Saturday, November 22, 2008

Alajuelita Build with Habitat

On Friday about 15 people from my office went on a build. It was great, we were constructing the wall panels by screwing wood onto the drywall with POWERTOOLS. Actually my right forearm was sore the next day!
Lauren and Maureen didn't have work gloves so they picked up the only ones that Megalento carried. Lauren's were super special, when she squeezed her hands they made a squeaking noise. She went to town with that.
Here, Kike and Maureen get crazy with the power tools.
Right before lunch we went to the community center, where they feed what looked to be about a hundred children everyday. We arrived just in time to help them pass out the plates.The kids were so cute. When they saw us taking pictures, the kids were swarming to get themselves in a pic and see their faces on the camera screen.
Here Andres is doing his signature pose with the little chicatins, as he calls them.
The church we were building for had a parrot out front, so several times during the day I had to go visit little Loli. The guys there said that she only likes two people and the rest she bites. She did not bite me. She ate out of my hand and talked up a storm for me.
That night Kate's friend Kae who is visiting from San Francisco cooked us a delicious Japanese stir-fry. A great ending to a tiring yet satisfying day!

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