Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I have to say, I am a happy American today!! Never in my 34 years (uh. my birthday is not until Saturday, thank you) have I ever cared so much about voting, let alone pay $25 to mail an absentee ballot. (I had been "absentee" for three out of my five possible elections because there was a lack of interest) Never have I actually followed an election, let alone stayed up until midnight watching news coverage about it. Never have I respected a political candidate so much, let alone got teary eyed when he spoke. Yes, you are on the right blog, this is Cindy Espinoza talking. Obama's acceptance speech last night was so exciting and inspiring, I literally listened in awe, just smiling at the TV. Damn he's good! I thought McCains speech was also a good one, and very sincere. I felt proud of Obama and proud that enough American's voted to have it be a CLEAR CLEAN WIN! I am also glad his daughters are getting their puppy! That was sweet! I loved Obama's quote last night when he said, "You may not have voted for me in this election, but I will be your president!" Please give him a chance! We need a change! Change will take years, but something that did seem to happen overnight is America's image around the world. Reading the excerpts from newspapers around the world showed that it is not only me that is happy about this:)
ps. I also think he is hot, but this in no way influenced my vote!

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