Thursday, February 14, 2008

That's Amore......

My valentines day started out with a bang!! I got to work and saw that someone had bought my camera on ebay when I only listed it the night before. woo-hoo! That was great timing because I already ordered a new camera and planned on doing an even exchange. This worked out perfectly, I actually sold my camera for the same price I paid for it one year ago, and bought my new camera at the same price. Yes, Ernesto got a camera for xmas, but that one is tiny and kept it my purse at all times for blogging snaps. This NEW camera pictured here, a Panasonic DMC-TZ3 is comparable to the Kodak V610 I bought last year but the pictures come out so much better. My friend Mendy has it and all her pictures come out perfect, professional even. So I copied off her and now this is the camera I will use for trips and Jewelry shots for my website.

While on ebay I "ran into" this ring.....the auction was ending in 30 minutes and I just fell in love with it. I called Ernesto and asked if wanted to buy it for me for v-day. He said NO, he likes surprises better... so I justified buying it for myself, with the help of my co-worker. We did just get a bonus check (free $$$) from Delta celebrating that we made money for the first time since emerging from it was dubbed my "profit sharing ring"
It is 18k gold with a 7 karat blue topaz, one of my favorite stones.
I love big cocktail rings!

Last Friday I read my Daily Candy an email publication that I get every day. It is wonderful! You sign up and they send you daily candies, if you will, telling you all about great stores, restaurants, designers in your city. (I would love to get Pluma in there) This is where I read about the opening of a new restaurant called Amore. The review was great and the name so appropriate for a Valentines Dinner, wouldn't you say? I booked it for 7p, a little early for us, but was all they had avail. The inside was beautifully decorated with Roman columns and moorish archways...perfect lighting and music too. (these 2 things can make or brake a place) They had a set 4 course dinner for V-day, which I didn't know until the waiter handed us the menu. I was so happy with the 3 entree choices (I hate big menus anyway...I can sometimes be a bit indecisive-shocker!? Duck, Steak or Fish. The apps came out as a trio platter of shrimp, scallops and lamb, each with its own flavor. We tried both salad choices one arugula (my favorite lettuce) and the other spinach. Ernesto chose the Rib eye, which was HUGE and I enjoyed the Halibut. Desert did not suck either! Chocolate mousse over a fruit compote with a glass of champagne.
Now you may be wondering how I could eat that when I gave up sweets for the Month of February. Well, just to let you know, I did NOT fail! It was written in the rules before we started that Valentines day would be the one day exception. ok- a 24 hour exception....from 1pm on v-day to 1pm on the 15th. Melanie, our co-worker's baby shower is today and there is going to be cake etc. ITS STILL LEGAL...its one day! So this is me at 101p taking my first bite of a big-ass oatmeal cookie after 2 weeks . ...funny enough, it wasn't as satisfying as I thought it was going to be. I guess the only thing I'm really craving is my black licorice.....and that night after dinner, I got what I some other things!
Ernesto had a orange bag for me with the Hermes perfume I have been asking for since my birthday. He actually bought me some Hermes perfume, but it was the wrong one. Then when we went to exchange it at Macys found out they only carry this Poivre Salamanca at the exclusive Hermes store. Of course when I called to find out if they had it I found out this perfume is double what the other costs. It is the best perfume though...very exotic, and I'm worth every penny!!
That night over dinner Ernesto and I read the lists we had written for each other... "10 things I love about you" it was really sweet. (and funny) Hopeless romantics we are.
Next week we will write the 10 things we don't like:) Do you think Ernesto will be able to come up with 10 things??

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