Friday, February 01, 2008


Today, Feb 4th, marks the fourth day of my sacrifice! Me, along with 3 other co-workers, are giving up sweets for the whole month. This is purely for the self-discipline aspect, which I really lack in the candy eating area. I have black licorice at my desk AT ALL TIMES. Its my favorite candy. I am know at work for eating all day. A friend of mine inspired me when she said every January for a number of years, she gives up sweets just to start the year fresh. (there is that theory again) Not that giving up sweets isn't challenge enough, I also decided to give up shopping at TjMaxx and Marshalls to really test myself. I would like to renig that one, because I keep thinking about these leather sandals I saw there on "the last day" but didn't buy.
THANK GOD IT IS A SHORT MONTH!!! I will survive!
Last Wednesday night, my friend Joanne called me and asked if I was going to be in town this weekend. She and her husband Rick wanted to take a little road trip to warmer weather and visit MEEEEEEEEE!! I love it when people come to visit. I want my siblings to notice (not Brrrian and not Tim either...I guess that leaves Jenny and Bill) that it is easy to drive to Atlanta from Ohio for a long weekend. Just cuz you hit traffic one time 6 years ago is not an excuse to never come visit your sister.
Anyhoo, we wanted to take them somewhere unique and delish to eat. Can you say Taqueria Del Sol? We had margaritas and beers and tacos, they really loved it!! (as did we)

We were planning to go to "Martini's and Imax" afterwards at the Fernbank Museum, but we didnt want to rush while eating. About 4 months ago we discovered this place called Chocolate Bar in Decatur. Does a chocolate Martini count as a sweet? I didn't think so either. (Actually we discussed at work that liquid sweets dont count....really candy is my downfall anyway) They did order a couple decadent desserts that I did have to resist.


The next day we wanted to be outside since it was going to get up to 60 degrees. So, after I made Joanne and Rick my new favorite breakfast, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and capers-recipe compliments of our Italian Landlord GianCarlo) we headed to Stone Mountain Park.

The Memorial Carving shows three Confederate heroes of the Civil War: Confederate President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee and Lt. General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. In the 7 years that we have lived here, this was only the 3rd time I had been there. I made a note to come again soon, and bring my bike. We got a great workout climbing up!Midway up there was a poll covered in chewing gum...picture worthy I thought. Once on the top of the mountain (45 minutes, but we weren't pushing it) you had a great view.
We had to go home and shower after SM. We got a little gamy after the climb. We were hungry and wanted to head back outside. We strolled over to Belly in Virginia Highlands for gormet sandwiches. It's about a 1.5-2 mile walk so on the way we stopped for a tea to take with us.

I told my friends that they MUST have Paulo's is TO DIE FOR.....and also forbidden for me right now, but I was thinking of my friends and didn't want to deprive them. As you can see from Paulo's van here, this is serious business with serious advertising (if not a bit goofy). During the winter he is only open Fri-Sun, and there is always a line. My favorite? Pistachio!

Joanne and Rick got a couple mini-cones so they could try different flavors. I cried on the bench outside and tried not to look at them while they ate the cones.

We went in and out of all of the shops and made it back home by 6p. They took off shortly after...decided to get a few hours of driving in that night and continue home the next morning. Thanks for coming, it was so nice seeing you and getting to know Rick better-you guys are great together! Can you please tell my brother and sister that the drive is not that bad??

Yesterday was a great day too. Ernesto had a lighting job (same as day before) so I sat on my bed all day and made 3 necklaces. It was perfect, no pressure for a house project, or cleaning. My girlfriend Livini came over and worked on some of her jewelry and we walked to the grocery store for salsa stuff and plantains. Later superbowl party, where I actually watched the last quarter, it was pretty exciting. Super even!

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