Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sexy Girls in the City!

Damn, Im a lucky girl!! I am in the Big Apple where . Delta has rented this storefront on the corner of 57th & 6th Ave and created a cool lounge called SKY360. The public can come in and enjoy the bar, hang out at one of the many seating areas, recharge thier devices and preview our new lie-flat chairs that will be on business class flights starting next year. Smita had an event to attend at the lounge and invited me to go. I had not been to NYC since February and was excited that I would be able to see Sara....a friend that I met through Smita and just hit it off right away. A chance for a girls night in THE CITY?? Hello??

The Lobby of the Dream hotel was FABULOUS!! Aquarium, naked people drawn on the wall, and mirrored squares on pillars and the ceiling. Every floor has sexy pictues that are lit from behind. We took some artsy shots!! Yes, on the kiss my .......!
Then we opened the door to our room.......OH MY GOD!!
Rrrrrrrrrrrr...check it out!

Sara and I headed for drinks and conversation at THALIA, a beautiful restaurant/bar and got caught up on eachothers lives....
We feasted the Arugula & Maytag Blue Cheese Salad, Tuna Sashimi and a
Creamy Polenta atop Truffle Reduction.....OH MY!
then headed to SKY360 to meet up with Smita....
The starring ladies in this episode of Sex in the City:
Smita, me and Sara
Below I try out the new lie-flat seating. How awesome a 14 hour flight will be with this new addition?! Perfect for China next year! It really is a BED!! One of my big motivations of going to NY was to go salsa dancing, I had convinced several people to go, but first we headed to the bar/hot-ass lounge in out hotel (boutique hotels always have hot bars) and once we started dancing there, we didnt move, the DJ was playing GREAT music and the atmoshere was perfect! Damn it, I guess I will have to plan a separate salsa trip!!

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